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Discussion in 'General' started by hippycracker, Oct 18, 2003.


    A friend of mine has reminded me of my manners, so I send a hello out to all those Blades and Bladies. Some of you may not remember me, I didnt post alot but I do check in on the city from time to time. A hello to all the newcomers its nice to see the city growing.

    Take care all
  2. HIGH Hippy, aaaaahhhhh it's good to see you here. You have missed much my friend. I'm glad your are mmmmm family....and not hearing from you had me worried...till you started PMing. How's the little one doing....growing like a marijuana plant I bet *LOL*. Give him a (((((((((HUG)))))))) from us ok.
    Glad to see you back again and have a Great day Hippy.
  3. Glad to be back unoit ;)

    ImMothership hello as well, I do plan to post more in the future.

    The little one is doing good & growing fast ( as you said like a little marijuana plant lol) And I will give her a hug for you. The snow is all melted from here and today its a beautiful day!!! Hope all is well there talk to you soon.

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