it's been a while

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Any familiar faces still here in this crowd of ones unknown to me? :smoke:
  2. I came back a few months ago, familiar faces are still around, but it's a much different place.

    Glad to see ya back, hows life? :wave:
  3. Possibly?

    I recognize the name, can't say i've ever engaged in discussion to you
  4. We got alot of trolls now.

    I dunno...its kinda entertaining.
  5. Yeah... We got A LOOOOT of trolls... It seems some people are really THAT pathetic that they get off by starting shit on internet message boards *laughs hysterically at the patheticness*


    How you been though, man? Long time no talk. Hit up any good parties lately?

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