It's been a crazy Journey. White Widow and Super Lemon Haze! How do they look?

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  1. It's been such a long journey since I posted on here with my almost dead super lemon haze seedling. You guys told me to let it grow and I sure as shit did! First time grower here.

    I don't think I am going to be able to harvest them at the same time. I think the White Widow is ready to harvest? What do you guys think? Grow info at the bottom after the pics.

    White Widow

    Super Lemon Haze

    Tent Pic

    Grow details:

    Lights: Viparspectra P1000 x2 one over each plant 100w LEDs
    Soil: Roots Organics Original
    Nutrients: Roots Organics Organic top-dress amendments for bloom
    Water: Tap PH to 6.5 every time
    Pots: Pretty cool square 5 gal pots that have layered holes on the bottom and double slits on the sides

    The white lines are Vivosun plant yoyo's to support the phat buds they started flopping all over.

    I feel really proud of what I've done and I'm nervous to move into the drying and curing phase. Hopefully I can harvest these at the same time and dry them in the tent together.

    After creating this post and sorting through photos, I think maybe my Super Lemon Haze is also ready for chop. I see some amber on those Calyx I think.....


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  2. They turned out great! They look ready to me bro. I see Amber in there and alot of milky. Some guys like alittle more Amber than other guys do on here. All down to preference honestly lol. But if those were my girls I'd chop them down.
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  3. I agree those plants are def in the harvest window....tasty
    Good luck with the dry and cure
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  4. Thanks so much man I'm excited to see that people agree I can harvest both of them!

    I'm considering using some grove bags for cure that I bought, any experience with those?
  5. I've never used the Grove Bags. But have a few buddies who have. And they say they're great.
  6. Just thirding in here to say you look ready to cut whenever, nice job!

    I know a lot of people use groove bags and like them, but I don't have any experience with them. I usually wet trim, hang the buds in multi layer mesh racks in a tent for about a week (the 7 days, 70% RH 70F method more or less). After that I give them a little more fine trimming and into the cure jars it goes. I can get 3 racks like this into a 4x4 tent, with just enough room for a dehu / humidifer and fan) They also make much wider ones if you have more space available
    Then they go into mason jars with a boveda bag if they are still too wet / dry (I like size four / 63% for quart mason jars that hold 1-2 ounces, stuff over a year old smokes pretty much the same as stuff 2 months old imho)

    Nothing against groove bags or other hanging / drying methods, I just use this way as its the most discrete for my situation (drying can happen in the basement tent(s) with the strong smell exhausted out of the structure into some camouflaging ornamental and fragrant shurbs.)

    Also I'm a cheap bastard, most folks bring back the empty jars I share with them, I think I still have around 40 of my original 48 quart mason jars even after a few years of use.

    Plus I like stacking jars whenever a new plant(s) come in!

    Once again, congrats on reaching the finish line mate! Hope it smokes as good as it looks.
  7. Hey Thanks for thirding in! Every 3rd vote makes me more confident!! lmao

    I have this fan and carbon filter. Do you think I can run it during dry without having too much air flow the whole time?
    Vivosun 4 inch fan plus carbon filter, 203 CFM set to LOW on the dial
  8. I use pretty much the same thing, 4x4 tent with hanging racks, dehu / humidifer and a small osciallting fan. I put two hangers in there, 5 platforms each of mesh, each platform holds a good bit, I've filled 8x4 tents with plants that harvested easily stacked into a 4x4. I aim to get at least 4 air changes per hour, so a 4x4x6 tall tent has about 96cuft in it, so usually a 100cfm fan at like 1/4 speed or a 200cfm at like minimum speed is usually enough to get you there without over-drying.
    Carbon filter hangs in the tent, and I ran dryer duct up above the joists to the nearest exterior window exhaust, put the fan close to the end of the flex duct, so if it has any leaks you are "pulling" stinky air through it rather than "pushing" it out into your room if the fan is at the tent end and the duct is not tight.

    This was one of my first dry tents, and old 2x2 which I hooked up the same way you are proposing, fresh air coming in from the bottom, exhausting out the top, plus humidity controls, temp, darkness. (a tent this tiny I had to put dehu and other stuff outside the tent, in a 4x4 I can pack everything inside generally)

    What you set the inline fan at is trial and error for me (or math based like my cfm example above), you want enough to ideally keep the tent under negative pressure so the dankness doesn't envelop the building you are in. Typically I'll gradually turn it up until I can see the tent sides "suck in" a little (ok to be real I take a manometer and measure the pressure until about about -1.5 inches on the water column inside the tent vs outside, but you can just eyeball it for the most part)

    Once the fan is set and your smell more or less contained, you may need to add humidity (the faster your inline exhausts, the faster the buds will dry out, and you don't want that to happen too quick, your flower will get that grass or hay smell) or if your tent is in a humid area, possibly a dehu, maybe both until you can get a stable 65-70F temp in the tent and a stable 65ish% humidity (a lot of people like 70%, I say it depends on your bud size and how thick they are small nug strains I'll run it up to 70%, but big bud producers I set it a bit lower)

    Over the course of 5-7 days I'll gradually drop RH down to about 60%, then jar it. I'll keep an eye on them for a week or two in case they need burped, but after that they are good to store for a year or more so long as you keep them in a cool, dark, dry place. Preferably with some form of security

    Keeping in mind of course, there are folks on here who have probably forgotten more about growing than I currently know, but I've not had any complaints from myself or those who partake for a few years now in curing them out like this.

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