its all up to you GC.. the fate of my latest project

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudsOnTheBrain, May 17, 2010.

  1. i started these a month and a half ago from some bag seed i had laying on my desk..

    they where ment to go outside but theyre startin to get pretty big and i though i might

    as well just flower them underr the 400w and cut out all the things that could go wrong

    with outdoor..

    but then again i wont get the same outcome if i just make them indoor..

    what to do? whhat to doo?

    ignore the cheetos and gaterade container:D
    i ran out of the other contains and it was whater i grabbed the closest things i could find

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  2. I'd stik to the plan .Looks like they could use some abuse though might wanna blast em with a fan for abit.Unless u can harden them off where you live
  3. i would go outdoor or indoors in an exterior building if you plan on ever having company over. they are virtually both just as much of a risk cept if 5-0 finds it outdoor you can deny putting it there and get a good lawyer
  4. polls leaning towords indoor.. but not by much.

    ima check back tonight and thats that

    so if you lookin just vote it take 3 seconds

    thanks erone:wave:
  5. Well, you're in the indoor forum, so the poll is skewed.
  6. lol thats a good point i guess i should have put it somewhere else but whater

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