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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Atom, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Okay well I have had a plant that my dog attacked daayys ago and it only had 3 leaves, it was 5 leaf sets tall and stood at about 6 inches but when the dog attacked it I had to cut just about everything off. Well today I pulled it out of my case to throw it away because it had finally turned black and was just toast and I looked in the soil and theres a new sprout!!!!!!! I have no idea how I have NOT put any seeds into this pot at all. Is it normal for a plant to re-sprout without a seed? I will post pics soon. I just have no idea how this could have happened, the seedling looks super healthy to.
  2. new one on me. sure that there wasnt a node near the base of the stem. had to have been im thinking. seeds dont pop twice. ive had twin plants outta 1 seed, but nothing like what you put.

    did this stem have true leaves? if so its the org plant. it is a weed aye.

    now to keep fido away:)

  3. Yeah I'm 100% positive it is not attached, I would upload my pictures now but my camera is broken, I will take one with my macbook....

  4. looks 2b a weed:)

    dayum fido fucked her up good.
  5. If the stalk isnt broken, you should keep it and see if it will come back to good health. I had a plant that seemed like it was beyond fucked, but it turned out pretty well and its flowering now.
  6. Sometimes soils can have seeds in it. Not saying you used crap soil, but it's definately not impossible for there to be a seed that sprouts in store bought soil. Usually just a little sprout or a little unknown thingy pops up now and then. Unless its coming off the main stalk under the soil, maybe its just something that was already in your soil that germed.
  7. no there was nothing in this soil, it is a bud plant, I think in an effort to survive maybe the plant I had was dying so it made a new plant out of its other roots?

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