Its a male :(

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  1. Im in the 7th day of flowering and yesterday i noticed formations that looked like grapes in the budsites, i imediatly knew it was a male. I decided to let it go one more night next to my other plant so they could say their good byes and today i took it out into my room before its departure.

    This is my first grow so its kind of depressing that their not both female :( but they are bagseeds so i cant really complain.

    My other plant that is topped is apearing to be female. There arent really white hairs yet but i see a lot of small slightly green hairs and i see no pollen sacks. Hopefully that one treats me nice.

    So long plant!

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  2. Sad times, bad luck :mad:

    But you should've taken it out as soon as you realized.
  3. ya it was risky i wont do that again lol
  4. Thats to bad :-( I remember my first male when I was first starting out.
  5. I remove them and cut all the pollen sacks off and use them for decoration in my bed room. It cant be forgotten though cause you dont want any of your girls knocked up.
  6. I too remember my first males.:p

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