It's a girl!!

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  1. After about a week of doubt, worrying, checking over and over, and telling myself, "it's too early to tell, it's too early to tell..," she finally showed her pistils today. This is the first plant I've ever grown, so I'm just very excited, and absolutely relieved because I was pretty convinced it was a male. She's a beauty... How do I post a picture?? Can't seem to figure it out...:smoke:
  2. Just add it as an attachment.

    There's an option before you hit submit. ('Manage Attachments")
  3. Thanks, man. Sprouted on 4/20, and looking strong and healthy :D

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  4. Congratz :hello::hello: I'm happy for you
  5. Thank you!! I was so happy when I saw 'em...

    By the way, when I tell people that I don't do drugs, just smoke weed, I get some funny looks.. Glad to see it posted somewhere :D
  6. i guess your saying you cant smoke male buds?

    im confused.
  7. Male plants make the female ones sprout seeds, and I'm fairly sure have rediculously low THC levels.
  8. Male plants produce pollen, which transfers to the female plants through the air, gets caught in their pistils, and creates seeds in the female buds. I've never heard of smoking male buds (I've never had a male plant, but I'm pretty sure it produces exclusively pollen sacks), but I have definitely heard of keeping them around to make hash with 'em.
  9. congrats!
    question though :)
    i notice you cut the leaves on the lower half of your plant. I'm guessing this is for disguise, and i was thinking about also doing this.
    does it negatively effect the plant in any way?
  10. It does work pretty well to disguise the plant, but it was for more than just that- Some of the tips had been eaten by mites, and I had read to just go ahead and cut those tips off. Also, it will allow more sunlight to get to the lower / inner leaves and bud-sites.

    But no, I noticed no affect in growth. Didn't slow down or anything, man. She's strong :D

    Also, I remember reading that cutting tips off of fan leaves will leave a smaller area on the leaf with a higher concentration of resin.. Which, obviously, will make for better hash :smoke:

    So, I'd recommend it, but I'm also pretty damn inexperienced and I'm sure just letting it grow will be just as rewarding.
  11. congrats bro. shes lookin really good.
    cant wait to see those buds :D
  12. Hahaha, you think you can't wait??? :hello:
    Haha, thanks, man.
  13. This topic title made me lol. Good luck with your female man, hope she treats you well..

  14. Male pollen sacs have 0 THC.
    Trichome production on male leaves is similar or identical to female leaves of the same strain.
    Female flowers (buds) have high concentrations of trichome production.
    Incorrect advice on male MJ plant THC production is given by people who have never grown a mature male plant.

    Topping a plant will delay it's growth cycle by 5-15 days.
    Leaves attacked by pests should not be trimmed. Remove the pests.
    Leaves attacked by fungus, etc. should be trimmed. Better yet, dispose of the plant, clean/sterilize the grow area, and start again.

    Congrats on your little lady :hello:

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