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It Was Nice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. BYE All, I've been posting since 1999 and was having a good time with All the friends I've made over these best years of my growing life but due to my (our) security being compromised by a family member who just can't keep his fucking mouth shut about something that IS STILL illegal to have or grow in our Country. I (we) have tried to explain to him the position we're in and what we have to lose if we ever get caught doing what I (we) think should be legal.

    I (we) grow for ourselves and never sold what we grew (gave lots to our friends though). It's too bad it has come to this my friends...but things have to be shut down All equipment and girls etc are going to a good home (sob) and will be miss dearly. Going in visiting the girls All these years and having our morning reefer and watch the sun set in the room (sob) will be the hardest thing to get used to. I gave up smoking the Government's Drug 10 or so years ago and this I'm sure will be the hardest because it is something I love so much I can't put in words that's why I post pictures. A lot of love and I mean a lot of love and care went and came out of that room, it's hard to explain. Naw you guys know!!!! So my friend when you read this you can tell EVERYBODY and I (we) couldn't give a fuck!! Oh and trust me my friend you will get busted because of your mouth!!! And I feel for you.

    I hope some have learned from what I posted.
  2. I've never accused of being overly bright, but what the fuck is going on? I understand the grow room leaving, but why do you have to leave us? I think we all have a little more in common than weed. I hope things are safe at home and all the clan is doing well, but don't leave us dude!
  3. damn that fucking sux you had some of the best shit
  4. Unoit, words can't express how much I will miss your posts, and your beautiful pictures. I'm as confused as smokin' here, why do you have to leave us?? Fuckin people and their mouths....fuckin laws. Just remember, what goes around comes around, and I hope the "bigmouth" gets what they deserve...I'm sorry that you have to give up something you love so much. All my best to you and rocdog, and the rest of your family...I'm going to MISS you!!! Don't go?!! (please)
  5. I am sending good karma your way sir! I hope that big mouth will learn to jkeep it shut. I have had that problem around here a couple of times and they usually make things bad for themselves, they can resist it!

    lots of luck and good fortune if ya don't make it back. We all love ya so if and when ya get a chance, get ya ass back to us.

    Keep us informed!
  6. man that sucks, i enjoyed seeing all the beautiful buds...
  7. you sir, shall be greatly missed.
  8. Unoit don't leave US TOO! :( I am so sorry that this happened to you, family is something you're supposed to trust not get screwed over by. I am so sorry that your girls had to be moved to a safer home. Phishhead's first medical grow (legal in California, illegal in the US?!) is showing me how good of "friends" his girls are to him, and how they brighten his day I can't imagine what it would be like 10,20,30 years from now if someone close to him compromised his trust and caused him to shut down like this.
    You have support and friendship on this board unoit so come back often and please stick around if you can! We love you and will miss you if you leave, as you are one of the core members that make grasscity so uniquely amazing!

    Beaker you can brush it off and apologize but most times an off-hand "sorry" does not clean your spirit of your wrong-doings. Karma will get back to you my friend and I am not one of much animosity, but I hope you realize what it is when that karma strikes. I also hope you do something to resolve your relationship with unoit. This issue may be none of our business but it was brought here so I must say: I can't emphasize enough the importance of strong/close family relationships.
    Good luck to both of you!
    xoxoxoxo unoit~
  9. unoit, I've come to love ya like a brother, and will miss ya dearly!!! :(

    I hope that someday we will meet again, by any name, you are a true friend!!

    Beaker, I'm not going to rag on you. I'm sure the pain you will feel over this will teach you a hard lesson!

    What you do here, what you say here, what you hear here, what you see here, let it STAY here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May the Phoniex rise from the ashes of our despair, and rejoin the family, until then, we grieve. :(
  10. I dunno all the details of your family feud, and I don't want to. I got e'nuff of my own. Whats got a burr under my saddle is that you came posing as someone we all like and admire. I've had that done to me also and that is some cold shit dude!

    As you can see Unoit is a friend of many people here, and one of my fav blades! So don't try to fuck him over. You'll notice that most of his friends were'nt thrown over by your little thing. We can't look into each others eyes while we talk here, but you read e'nuff of what a person posts, and you can tell what kind of person they are. Unoit is gold in my book.

    You can say "SORRY" 1,000 times, but it's still just a word.

    Time for my cliche'

    Actions speak louder that words.

    So run and hide.

    Or hang around and take responsibility for your actions.

    Convince us that you ain't all that bad.

    Take your pick.
  11. I'm with the rest of the people here. What you've done isn't right. Making amends will take alot. Unoit has been great to all of us. We all would like for unoit to return.

    Sorry is a word kids use to get out of trouble. Do something to turn around what you have done instead of saying what kids say!
  12. ALL? ALL? You think we use funny names here to be cool? Well in a way you're right. To help stay "cool"!! Real names are a private thing, and should NEVER be used in correspondence or over the phone unless BOTH parties agree to it.

    If you are truly sorry, you shouldn't be exihibiting any anger at being chastised here.Only you and unoit can work this out, and with time, and the right attitude, you may. What may seem like a minor thing to you, is obviously a Huge privacy violation to unoit. And in this situation, his feelings on the matter MUST have 1st priority.

    And now for my cliche',
    "Loose lips, sink ships" (WWII)

    And your's has put unoit's on the bottom! :(

  13. Well said, Saxman!! Unoit has a lot of love and hard work put into his room, and doesn't need a kid to f**k it up! Until the laws are changed, we must be discreet and careful!
  14. HIGH All, you people are the Best and I would like to say sorry for starting this post...but I had to delete some of the bests days with you All. I loved showing everyone what my life's like without giving out too much info. I didn't mind letting people know what it's like to live where I do and show some pretty awesome scenery to All who wanted to listen or look. Call it bragging, I'll call it being proud of where I live and what I do legally and illegally. The time will come when we won't have to hide under names and people can learn more about this wonderful plant that has so much to give to those that need it. I'm one of the fortunate ones that don't need marijuana for medical purposes, I grow because it is something that makes me feel good and when I help someone that has a problem or just saying "nice looking babies" and they Thank You...that's one of the Best HIGH's one can have IMHO. no name has been nice enough to house the girls and will post some pictures when they are settled in.

    Beaker smokin say's it best "Actions speak louder that words. So run and hide. Or hang around and take responsibility for your actions. Convince us that you ain't all that bad. Take your pick". I would like to know Why You Phoned your Mom and told her of your grow?????? You see That scares me!!! pm, e-mail, phone or write here it's up to you if you want to let me in on it. Life's to short guy to be pissed at everything and everyone. Again I can't stress enough about being quite with what you have growing in you closet, it might be a slap on the wrist for growing a couple plants if your caught, it's still no reason for phoning every Tom, Dick and Harry (sorry guys). You still have much to learn and we're Always around if needed.

    HIGHawatha, smokin, Big Poppa Puff, Bud Head, critters, stonygurl, cowboysaxman, ganjaphish and Phishhead, NdicaBud and of coarse All Bladies and Blades you people are the best any forum has to offer and I'm proud and honored to know your names it's just too bad we have to hide and when the time comes I'll be the first to plaster my face All over the Forums untill then...well uno.

    Oh Ya What I Did On Dad's Day.

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  15. Unoit im sorry to hear what has happend, i know im new around here but i know how it feels when you have to quit somthing you love very much. I know that the time ive been here I havent really known you but Ive always read what you had to say and I hate to see you going. But i guess you gotta do what has to be done, I wish nothing but good karma your way.
  16. Nice lookin dinner there!

    Glad to see ya back!
  17. glad you're still here, unoit!

    Place wouldn't be the same without ya, man. :)
  18. High all. Well just sitting here wondering whats going on. Well after all this may NOT be my fault. Just waiting to hear whats going on. Don't know I may not be the bad guy after all. Unoit please get back to me......

    Thanks Beaker...........
  19. Whoever grassed on unoit (ratted on him etc) you are a true tit. You should learn to control your mouth and shut the fuck up...

    To the government of every country that codmemns pot... WHY??

    To unoit. You will be missed. What happens, happens, You just have to deal with it... and I'm sure you will be growing and stoned again real soon...
  20. shit.. i didn't see that there was a second page. Shit i think i am drunk...

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