It\'s been so long and I still can\'t get her out of my head or my dreams

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  1. She was the most beautiful girl I\'ve ever met. Everything about her was what I liked. It never really brought the best in me though..or maybe it did. Either way we haven\'t talked in a long time, mainly because I\'m an idiot!!! If you ever have a girl that\'s too good for you than you should make sure to never let her go. I still think about her all the time. The long dreams don\'t stop. It\'s like we never split up. I talk to her in my dreams and it\'s like I never messed anything up. It\'s like lifes supposed to be. But I haven\'t spoke to her in a long time other than in my dreams. I don\'t know what\'s stopping me from calling her and really letting her know even. I feel like I\'m obsessed but it\'s really just love. I knew she was the woman I should marry but for some reason I just let her walk right out of my life without giving any fight. I didn\'t want to put up with anymore hurt. I wanted to believe that once something was over than you can\'t undo it and can\'t come back from it. I always thought when you get knocked down you already lost the fight, there\'s no coming back from that. I think back and I\'m bitter about things that happened in my life. We were amazing I\'m alone dreaming about her and remembering her beauty. I really thought I\'d be able to get over her by now but it\'s clear that I can\'t. It doesn\'t help that I can remember all of my dreams either. Just life for me, I guess...
  2. relationships aren't always easy'll move on..that doesn't mean its easy or anything but its just one of those things that takes time..obviously since you can't fast forward anything I suggest just taking it one day at a time..

    best of luck
  3. oh dude I HATED having dreams when we broke up.

    oh my god there fucking horrible.

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