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It protect my Skin naturally

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by billyrayo65, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. [SIZE=11pt]Ayurveda and meditation have been used to deliver physical wellbeing, mental peace and happiness. There has been a unique shift of the growing needs due to the changing lifestyles. The beauty and wellness industry has been growing swiftly for the last decade to fulfill the growing needs of Indian consumers. Let's take a look into the reasons behind the growth of Indian beauty and wellness industry. • Urbanization is leading to higher awareness levels; this has caused the [/SIZE]Elliskin [SIZE=11pt]individuals to hunt for preventive measures for being healthy and to appear lovely. • Urbanization on the other hand has led to stress and anxiety related disorders. This has made a significant impact on the growth of the wellness industry. • Young population with rising income is seeking wellness solution to fulfill lifestyle challenges. • Emergence of global players of beauty and wellness industry like Toni and Guy, L'Oreal etc. gave people an international feel. • Indian Big brands like VLCC, Lake Beauty Salon, Looks Salon came up to give specially needed treatment for Indian population. [/SIZE]


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