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  1. okay lets say you go to amsterdam for a month and go hella crazy and smoke non stop.
    well you come back to the states and get arrested and put on probation with drug testing.
    well you fail the test that first month because smoking in amsterdam.
    can you still get in trouble for it even though you smoked it legally and out of the states?
  2. no, to get put on probation you would have to get in trouble...At your hearing they will determine if testing is needed...You then take a baseline, to see what is in your system...Being as you already are in the trouble to warrent the test, it is assumed that you won't be clean...
  3. no i mean like you smoke weed in amsterdam. rite?
    then you come back to the states and get arrested for idk? dealing?
    then you get probation with testing.
    can you get in trouble with your p.o.?
  4. if you already on probation when you go to amsterdam then yes but not if probation was after trip
  5. alrite thanx lol
    congratz on 800th post^^:D

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