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It is not just an escape

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Eva Spiegel, May 26, 2010.

  1. I just finished an argument with someone, and I got a little upset, but instead of crying or debating, I picked up the bowl and hit it. Apparently this is an escape, according to the person who I was arguing with. I honestly do not think of it as an escape.

    I could have done one of three things. 1. Drink the rest of my alcohol, get all emotional, pass out crying and embarrassed. 2. Smoke a bowl, see the big picture without my emotions in the way,and think of the problem in a more positive light. 3. Listen to music to zone out or write about my thoughts to vent.

    All three of these would be escapes then, right?

    This person has been to rehab for some hard drugs and keeps telling me that I don't know what I am talking about when I speak about the medicinal effects herb has on me.

    I don't know how to make it clear to this person that smoking pot is one of those life choices I have chosen in order to cope and stay happy. Is it really that bad of an escape? Is it even an escape? Isn't eating cake, or talking to a friend, or taking a drive an escape? Why is escaping with pot so bad?
  2. Escape is not bad - maybe a necessity for most.

    Try 4). Take various hallucinogens daily until you have created your own world...

    It took me years. :)
  3. i don't understand the "crutch" argument, either. We as humans do tons of different things to cope with stress, I wonder why the hell drugs are attacked so vehemently but not anything else
  4. rehabilitation centers almost always spew complete bullshit about pot, i was in rehab for depression, and at that time in my life had never smoked marijuana, yet even i knew the absurdness of the accusations the so called "drug abuse specialist" made against pot. A few things she mentioned was nearly 90% of marijuana found on the street is laced or cut with other drugs. i nearly burst out laughing during that one, why the fuck would a cocaine dealer waste his product on dirt cheap marijuana, it just doesn't make sense. Anyways, i believe people serious about kicking their addiction who are straight out of rehab rationalize the shit the counselors tel them, which is perfectly reasonable, as some of the stuff they say IS actually true and very beneficial, but this country has to get rid of this marijuana prohibition mindset and actually tell the truth about this plant
  5. My mother, bless her little cowgirl heart, said it best. When I was smoking cigarettes i got a lot of advice on how to quit from ex-smokers. Unsolicited advice. I told my mom about it and how annoying it was and she said, "You know Sam, there ain't nuthin' more self-righteous than a reformed whore."

    Tell him to go preach his twelve steps to someone else. :p
  6. tell your friend whats is it any of his/her bussiness what you do and that you are a adult and know what is and isnt a escape. And tell him/her the facts and show them the union and if they dont belive it after that they never will..

    Also im a Huge Cowboy bebop fan :D
  7. I don't just want to walk away from this. It is part of my lifestyle. I just want to reason with this person and help them see how much green helps me. More probs between us are going to come up if we can't see eye to eye. I'm starting to think that the rehab place brainwashed him.

    I mean, he is not completely against it, he smokes it himself. I guess since I was so quick to hit the bowl after our argument he thinks I am dependent on it. That's funny because I quit for a year and JUST started smoking again.

    Anytime I ever get into a fight with a friend, we always end up hashing it out over a bowl in the end. How can I un-brainwash my friend?
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    With facts, send him links on the history of medical marijuana usage, it goes back reaaaaaaly far.
    Here's a quick link:
    ASA : History of Medical Cannabis

    Decent little timeline here as well:

    Lots of good documentaries to watch as well if your friend doesn't like to read.
  9. EVERYTHING we do after a stressful situation or being upset is an "escape" by that logic
    and who gives a shit?
    yeah, weed is often used as an escape and whats wrong with that? people have got you thinking that this is unhealthy, fuck that live your life do what you want man
  10. Thanks for the history links ^_^ I really enjoyed them but he knows all that stuff and seen the documentaries. I am pretty sure he thinks I am addicted to it, and I just want to convince him that I am not.
  11. The Merck manual has been cited as an authority "forever".

    Merck Manual, the US military's field guide to medicine

    The following is an excerpt from the Merck Manual, the US military's field guide to medicine: physical dependence [as a result of cannabis usage]; no abstinence syndrome when the drug is discontinued. Cannabis can be used on an episodic but continuous basis without evidence of social or psychic dysfunction. In many users the term dependence with it's obvious connotations probably is misapplied.
    Many of the claims regarding severe biological impact are still uncertain, but some others are not. Despite the acceptance of the 'new' dangers of marijuana, there is still little evidence of biologic damage even among relatively heavy users. This is true even in the areas intensively investigated, such aspulmonary, immunologic, and reproductive function.
    Marijuana used in the USA has a higher THC content than in the past. Many critics have incorporated this fact into warnings, but the chief opposition to the drug rests on a moral and political, and not a toxicological, foundation.

    And from the 2008 version-

    Marijuana is a euphoriant that can cause sedation or dysphoria in some users. Overdose does not occur. Psychologic dependence can develop with chronic use, but very little physical dependence is clinically apparent. Withdrawal is uncomfortable but requires only supportive treatment.
    Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug; it is typically used episodically without evidence of social or psychologic dysfunction.

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:


  12. Well not to be mean or rude to you or your friend But he/she a idiot if he/she thinks cannabis is addictive.

    If he/she was on hard drugs then he/she knows just how hard is it to get off them then why do another So called addictive substance? It just not logical. Tell them that they are nothing but a hipocrit and that there is many facts that prove canabis is not addctive or harmful. Cause look at cali they are not realing from medical cannabis. So tell your friend to get the facts.

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