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It is here. CoD Black Ops trailer.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Yourcatdead, May 24, 2010.

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    Well here's a thumbs down for your whole post! So take that!


    Here is someone else tellin it like it is...

    Modern warfail sucked hard. World at War was the best COD to date. Treyarch will do a fantastic job.

    you liked MW2. Good for you. A lot of people liked MW2. Some of us didn't though. Stop being an Infinity Ward Nuthugger and lashing out at people who disagree with you.

    I dont think its a "fuck COD" I think it's just backlash from all the people who were totally let down by MW2.
  2. Saying I'm a nuthugger for liking MW2? Then I can call you a Treyarch nutthugger. I'm not trying to start some shit, but I was asking if you don't like CoD then why come to a CoD thread? When did I lash out?
  3. you nuthugger lol. nuthugger.
  4. Activision is ruining the franchise, they're milking it way too fast.

    Did any of you know that Activision has opened up a 3rd studio to make a 3rd Call of Duty game within the franchise?

    Imagine 3 studios making different Halo games.

    Last I checked, there was roughly 35 guys who've left Infinity Ward because Activision fired 2 of the main dudes there. The rest were pissed and left to go with them where they are making a game at EA where they origionally started.

    To sum it up, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will suck.
  5. Shit I hope they don't make a MW3. Need some new better shit.

  6. Yeah activision was trying to hold out on IW's bonuses from mw2 sales to try and force them to make mw3. The leaders sued and left creating "Respawn entertainment" under EA's publishing. around 35 or so IW members followed suit. So the infinity ward left now is not the same people. Robert bowling was the lead creative designer and now he is on respawn.

  7. Hmm okay I could rant about this for some time, things wrong with MW2 multiplayer:

    • ommando (what the fuck..)
    • Noobtubes
    • One Man Army (exploitation of it using noobtubes for unlimited ammo.. -.-)
    • A fucking anti-tank sniper rifle (barrett and intervention) is not one shot kill
    • Lag issues
    • Cunts running around with marathon, lightweight and commando- takes real skill
    • Crappy servers
    • Shitty maps compared to cod4
    • spawn system is fucking flawless
    • killstreaks are ridiculous.. - why the fuck should an ac-130 and chopper gunner be allowed on s&d. that is bullshit, it shouldnt even come out of a carepackage..
    • campers
    • most guns are so fucking overpowered and NO RECOIL?!

    A game should not piss oneself off.. It does it to so many levels..

    Still think the online is good?

    Don't think that it's just me thats saying this..

    P.S I don't always hate the MP, when playing with friends I usually have a good time cause we just mess around, but still theres so many faults compared to CoD4..
  8. modern warfare 1 & 2 are awesome games, but I still played the hell out of Would at War which is amazing in its own as a WWII game.

    I am excited for Black Ops just to see what they can do with a modern shooter instead of a WWII shooter. I really hope they have a cool mini-game at the end like Nazi Zombies.
    I'll give my opinion about all of these.

    Commando - eh

    Noobtubes - Yes very fucking annoying. This is one problem I have. I am usually a sniper, and when some retard can't get to me they shoot a rocket at me. Very fucking annoying.

    One Many Army - wasn't intended to be a gift for noobtubers

    I use an intervention half the time, and on hardcore it's a one shot kill.

    With lag I only have like a split second lag. The lag where I have a riot shield, he has a knife we both swing. And to me it looks like he cut through the shield, but on the cam it shows I turned to the side.

    From a riot shield player point of view I like the maps. But as a sniper it's fucked up. There is atleast 2 ways to get into every building, and one claymore. Yes again, very fucking annoying.

    Yeah killstreak rewards on S&D that is fucked up, but on hardcore it's fine. A bitch to deal with, but fine.

    And I understand your last two points.

    When I break it down like that there is a lot more problems than I think about when I play. But I still like it. Went onto WaW the other day and it had about 600 players on Hardcore. Not a big fan of WaW, and last I checked MW had about 3,000 players on. I really like sniping, and in MW it wasn't that good. And definitely was not good in WaW.
  9. I hated COD3 and WAW. (treyarch)
    Loved COD2, 4 and MW2. (infinity ward)

    Don't have much hope that I will like this game, but I will rent or borrow it and at least give it a fair shot.
  10. I use to love Call of Duty, and MW2 proved how shitty it's become. Call it fun but honestly, COD is turning into the Need For Speed of shooters.. Was great during the first few, but got blind-sided and never really returned the same.

    I'm not ripping on anyone's liking for this game or anything of that nature, I just have that incredible feeling you get when you just know something has been milked for all it's worth and now everybody is squeezing the fuck out of it for every last little drop.

    Fuck, it feels as if this is the video-game counter-part of twilight. Whatever, I'll rent it because it looks ok, but this is going to be on my caution list.
  11. Got some info. I got my GameInformer

    No real info. But the CoD Black Ops is being based on the Cold War. Maybe you knew that, but I sure as shit didn't.

    It says you're a special investigation unit in the 60s.
  12. This is game already going to be 10x better than MW2, you want to know why?

    There's no fucking Commando!!!
  13. I heard Treyarch will utilize a beta for Black Ops. In my opinion, MW2 would have been a much better game if there was a beta, but there would not have been as much hype (which caused the biggest pre-order for any game ever). If there is indeed a beta, I think Black Ops will be a better game but not as hyped over.
  14. Hopefully this has a mode similar to WaW's Nazi Zombie mode. Communist Zombies or Viet Cong Zombies anyone?
  15. ^^ Fuck yeah.

    GameInformer said they aren't releasing any major info until summer is over. But it looks like the shit, sounds like the shit. But I was disappointed with WaW. So hopefully Treyarch is good.

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