It is here. CoD Black Ops trailer.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Yourcatdead, May 24, 2010.

  1. ha sweet ass, i loved mw2. Same developers i sure hope, unlike call of duty world at war which blowed donkey dick. god im high
  2. treyarch is making this one. infinity ward made mw2. so according to your logic you're going to hate this game....

    anyway, the trailer made me jizz my pants.
  3. Gotta have it
  4. I know the feeling.

    But Treyarch made World at War. Infinity Ward made MW2. But this looks promising. When I saw the trailer for WaW I was somewhat skeptical, but the graphics look great. And swinging into windows. That's the shit.
  5. Let's hope the multiplayer isn't such a fail as mw2..
  6. Eh, I think online is pretty good actually. I do hate the lag. I don't have bad lag it's the lag like for example:

    I use a riot shield, and in S&D if it's only me alive, and one person on their team alive. I see them charge in and they shoot at me. To me it looks like they shot right through my shield somehow. But in the replay it shows they moved to an angle and clearly hit my body.

  7. Good.

    World at War was 10x more awesome than MW2 was.

    So is call of duty going to be a yearly title now or what?
  8. call of duty has been a yearly title lol and world at war was so beast
  9. crossbow gun is win
  10. [​IMG]

  11. bump.

    Everybody on GC needs to see this trailer. It will turn you on, then your girlfriend will think you're looking at porn when she sees you hard, then she will proceed to kick your ass. That is until she sees its a new trailer for CoD and then she'll get turned on.

    CoD Black Ops trailer is a promotional tool to get couples to have sex more.
  12. this guy hit the nail on the head
  13. IW blows, I've always liked the COD's done by Treyarch way more
  14. SUCKS!!!

    I'll just wait for Halo:Reach.
  15. I'll bet it sucks even more than mw2.

    Fuck cod...
  16. Literally the first time I've heard that.


    If you have the "fuck cod" attitude why are you even here?

  17. I bought the last 3 COD's. This is where I give up. COD was fun while it lasted but they never change enough to make a new game. This game is probably going to be horrible. :wave:
  18. i like cod but i think ill skip buying this one, i will only cop if infinty ward is producing.
    reach is on its way anyway

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