It is about to die

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  1. image.jpg Hey guys
    Im having troubles with my gelato glue auto as you can see, it is in a pretty bad shape.

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    I was wondering what could be the cause of this, I thought myself it should be pH issue because Im not very paying attention to this part.
    Other than that it is at its 3rd week of flower and these problems started 2 weeks ago.
    I thought it would heal by itself but its getting worse.

    Im feeding her boost, bioflores and a little of rhizotonic from biocanna

    What do you guys suggest me to do now?
    Thank you !
  2. well sorry to see this by this point the buds should be covered in trichomes i had a grow go this route she made it to harvest but had zero smell and i made butter out of it i dont think there is a lot you can do at this point maybe flush and get the ph corrected i think they may be lost cause sorry to say start more seeds asap do some research buy some meters they are cheap think of light as food and not bottles of stuff as food because it isnt
  3. So I should take it off and ditch it?
    And I should not use nutrients ?

    thanks for your input I appreciate it
  4. Give it a heavy watering, are you in soil of coco? Synthetic nutes or organic dry amendments? If it's organic you shouldn't have to worry about PH too much, but if it's coco you need to start PHing. Seems like a deficiency or a PH problem.
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  5. Girls look to be not getting enough nutes, especially calcium. A bit short on nitrogen too, which is unusual for flower.
    Cause could be lack of nutrients, or it could be that nutrients are there but not properly available due to pH being out of range.
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  6. Thank you, maybe I didnt give it enough nutrient. I usually give them 1 liter of water mixed with the 3 solutions I mentionned above. Then I add some more water in.

    Im using terra professional + so soil I guess. I was thinking the same but I think I reacted a little too late cause the deficiency has spread all over the plant.

    Thanks for your answers Im going to buy a device to have more control on pH.
    Right now Im going to defoliate some leaves that are too affected and give it some more water and see how it reacts.

    As for thé missing nutrients, I dont know what to do.
  7. As others have stated your pH is off. You are also over feeding as your leaf tips indicate. I would suggest that you do NOT remove any leaves. You will only make things worse if you remove leaves when your plant is already suffering. Get pH test strips or a meter and a PPM meter. Both should only set you back around $40. Adjust your water and lower your feed, 400 ppm should be fine to start out and keep under 600 at a max. Your plant should turn around. You will not reach the plants potential. But, you will harvest some good weed.
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  8. Im afraid that harm is already done
    I removed a lot of « infected » leaves.
    But yeah that is what I was thinking but since I wasnt sure as Im a new grower, I needed some input.
    So again thanks and I will make sure to not disregard pH from now on.

    Nonetheless at this point, should I wait for it to flower completly even after all these bad decisions taken ?
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  9. I would flower it out. I've had plants look worse and they finished as some of the best weed I've ever grown. Check out Organic sinse's journal. I'll post a link below. I'd read the first few pages and then jump right to the end and ask questions.

    Automatics make good Organic sinse
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  10. Alright thanks I will make sure to look it out !
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