It happened again (but I swear it's not my fault!)

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  1. Ok check this shit. I wrote a thread a while back about something that happened with one of my friends and a girl he liked 3 yrs ago. Since that happened we've made up and been hanging out again. Ok fast forward to about 6 weeks ago. He told me he met this chick at a best buy or some shit like that. He told me that he was feeling her and wanted to to take things to the next level with her. I told him I would stay away because of what happened last time. He described her as this bad ass white chick like 5'4'' 135 all the details. Told me her name was Jenn.

    Ok. Last week I met this cute ass chubby girl at a texaco. We exchanged numbers and talked for a couple days and she said the only things she wants is a fuck buddy. I say cool. Se came over here tonight and we smoked, got busy, just havin a good ass time. Ok. She's about to leave when he pulls up looking to score some green from yours truly. She opens the door and he sees us both standing here and screams at the top of his lungs: "TYRONE YOU SON A OF A BITCH!!!! YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE AGAIN!!!" Now I'm looking at this fool like WTF? "This isn't your gf." And he's all mad talking about that's her and shit. Now. This chick was like 5'7'' 180. Her name is Alicia. At this point I'm like "look if you hadn't lied about her name and what she looks like I wouldn't have had sex with her. That's your damn fault." As I'm pointing this out in front of her she gets pissed at him for being ashamed of her or something to that effect. Then she starts screaming about who the fuck is Jenn. So he leaves she follows. So now there are two screaming motherfuckers on my front lawn at 1130 at night. I sit here and roll this blunt I say to myself "Why do I end up in this shit?" There my screwed up night ya'll. DAMN.
  2. it was an honest mistake
    i hope ur buddy wont be mad at you

  4. Haha I can just picture you sitting at a living room table in the dark while rolling a blunt and watching through a big window as two ppl yell at eachother on the front lawn

    Hahaha just a funny thought
  5. Pic of chick you met at the texaco.
  6. ahhhhhhaahaha this is funny i can picture this funny
  7. Get it together tyrone

  8. i got the same image in my head while reading this :laughing::laughing:
    why bumbed out bro ? i would be pissing all over the place with laughter
    also this thread calls for a forever alone pic , here it is :
  9. Hey man not trying to be racist or anything, shit I don't even know if your black but I thought this comic was pretty funny:


    fuckin tyrone!
  10. Just see you sitting there rolling this blunt, shaking your head like, why the fuck does this shit always happen to me, probs in a lazy boy or a rocking chair haha

  11. Hahahaha! That picture cracks me up every time

    but, OP, it's kinda funny that you're friend is a dumb ass and had to lie about her. Is she still cool with you?
  12. Just tell him, "you said 5'4, 135, jenn. That was 5'7, 180, alicia. Had you of told the truth, maybe i would of realized 'hey, this might be that chick, better back off'."
  13. Haha "Tyrone you son of a bitch!".Good shit bro.
  14. Definitely ur friends fault for lying about her. Especially the name haha. How the fuck were u supposed to know? But that's some funny shit u Hooked up with two girls ur friend wanted. Better smoke him out on that blunt hahaha
  15. good thread.

  16. :smoke:

    hell yeah

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    Sorry for taking so long to get back but my internet was down all weekend. Me and her are still cool. She's coming back over here tonight. He tried to argue all fri night. He stayed out there in his car til like 230 or something. Then all day sat he texted both our phones crying and complaining about how we've so called hurt him. But the story is that he would call her fat and all other kind of names. She got fed up with it. Then he's been threatning me talking about how he's gonna fuck me up and things of that nature. So that's where we're at right now.

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