It finally happened GC.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Weedman90.OG 01, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Well guys.
    I had to go to the bathroom really bad and was reading this light thread
    on here and couldn\'t get up, leaned forward to take a hit of bubble hash and crapped my pants on the exhale. This is no joke guys, this really happened. I just got out of the shower from cleaning myself off.
  2. Haha thats funny shit weedman. You should of just took a shit and took a hit on the crapper, lol. Thats good stuff.
  3. congrats on your first time

    may all your future pant-crapping be so memorable
  4. That\'s way more information than I need to know!!
  5. If I had to give you any more information I\'d say it was a Mountaineer/Nut combination w/ the standard wet chips-a-hoy texture.
    I can\'t believe I was so lazy I actually did that, better yet made a thread.
    I was so captivated in reading that I cared more about soaking up information than taking a crap.
  6. Yeah, I know the feeling. Like right now.......
  7. Well when I read the first starting reading it I thought you broke your peice. Whew.
  8. I think I just shit my pants laughing so hard.

    I used to dook myself when I was like 4-5 because I loved sonic so much that I would just play video games and pinch one off in the underroos.

    I mean come on, there was no save function and hell if I\'m going to pause that shit.
  9. u must hsve been smokin tha brown bomber from grandmas boy
  10. Is this really what the City has come to? Threads about crapping your pants???

    *Besides, unfortunately, we have a thread dedicated to this already. No need to start a new one.

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