it doesnt matter if it is real

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  1. global warming

    polution is still bad. it causes a plethora of health problems, and poisons the enviroment outside our cities.

    combustion fuel is still inneficient compared to other energy sources

    wind solar biofuel and geothermal are all renewable, which is not the case with fossile fuels and radioactive metals

    so who cares if global warming is our fault? shouldnt we go green anyway?
  2. Global warming isnt a big deal. The earth can comeback from anything we do, including all out nuclear war. Back on topic; yea we should go green and use green
  3. I get this same feeling when I hear people argue about global warming. I don't care if it is happening now or not, burning fuel is like force feeding the earth cigarettes. It just can't be good.

    I also agree that the ecosystem and earth will most likely continue to harbor life but I would like quality life for the homosapien species.
  4. i dont think the earth will heal itself forever. we may or may not have a large impact, but we know for a fact the earth will be cooked by the sun if it doesnt die in some other way.

    humans avoiding extinction and expanding to other planets is the only way to make earth life last forever (except for hypothetical microorganisms that get blasted off in impacts)

    in any case, weather or not we even care at all about the earth, shouldnt we at least care about ourselves?

    solar and wind are cheap, and dont cause cancer
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    It really blows my mind to see people actually saying global warming isn't a big deal.

    It's an ethics matter for me; we're simply a complex organism inhabiting this mysterious, wondrous terrestrial planet floating in space. Of all the other organisms that join us, are any greatly contributing to the atmospheric depletion/carbon output that is destroying our host? Are they polluting the fuck out of the air, ecosystems, and environment? Are they rapidly depleting all natural resources for their greedy consumption demands? Nope. Why is it that humans have followed this inevitable path of destruction? Why do we consume, consume, consume?

    I think it's absolutely our responsibility to work to stop, and then reverse, the detrimental effects of what we're creating.

    I mean shit, does everyone need to be fed this information on a silver platter? The science is out, the research is there. But for some reason, sections of society still deny and accept misinformation regarding global warming. It's like a CSI case, all of the forensics have been done, the investigation has reached a conclusion. Now where's the trial? Who's going to jail? (figurative of course)

    Global warming is a big deal, we need to wake the fuck up and smell the coffee.

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