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It can kill you!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sensimil, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. ::screams::

    I could be next!
  2. Apparently there have been three deads that have been caused by using weed. The first one was an indian who was sentenced to smoke weed and beat himself to the head with a stick for several days (ofcourse the sentence was made by indian chiefs). and the two others were friends who smoked ridiclous amonts of weed and suffocated in their own movit.
  3. Boy, wouldn't those deaths suck! lol
  4. I can't even imagine such a wonderful things like cannabis being able to possibly kill you.
  5. It takes 900 joints strait to get to a leathal dose of thc many have tried but I dont think its been done other then sufocating them selves or walkin out infront of a bus or some stupid shit like that its a risk im willing to take

  6. damn i wish i was sentenced to smoking weed, thats one punishment i would not at all mind....hehe:):)
  7. hahahahaha... that's the best the prohibitionists can do these days?

  8. too bad about all those orphan plants.:( I think I should adopt Them all:) It wouldn't be right to seperate all those sisters!:)

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