it 4;20?

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. high all its 4;20 lol ya, i know i am on heavy meds and my hip is on fire tonight ! the pain is just their ! and wont go away! i am realy depressed , i am all jacked up on meds thjis aint life to me ,i cant feel my hands and legs ,its to muck=h to come here ,see you around,tazz11
  2. damn.
    don't move.
    I'll bring the joint to you.

    I want to share the new Arkansas Quarter with you.:D :eek: :wave:

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  3. lmfaooooo @ the first i thought it was real!

    get well soon rainman
  4. the coin was cool! i just woke up and at 7;30at night ive sleeped all dayand into the night! takeing another one at 9:00 ,see you guys around! good luck tazz11
  5. LMAO!! cool coin lol [​IMG]

    I hope you're feeling better, tazz. And bad toad, too. Hang in there!
  6. Be well tazz,,,get some rest for me

    That is a great coin.....

  7. just woke up but cant stay awake ! drink 2or 3 cups of coffie but it didnt help ,i sleep it off and get back soon ,i feel like that rip van winkle dude!good luck tazz11
  8. Hey rainman, don't give up the fight man, I hope you feel better some way or the other!

  9. Rainman it can only get better. Think positive. =)
    and look at the coin. =)

  10. i am awake ! i think!
  11. Hope u feel better soon man from- whatever ur suffering from... i dunno what it is but it sounds pretty shitty, hang in there.
  12. this to will pass
  13. tazz,

    High? I think you may be like me. My illness is nowhere as bad as yours, but I know what sleepless nights are like. In fact, it has become a habit for me to be up at night. If my family would allow it I would be a night person.
    peace, justbud
  14. it 10 min to 4:00 in the morning ,its taken me days to get level dudes ,it was a bright and sunny sun set ,out side tell my son opened the door with out saying any thing ! the suns rays came in and stuned me ,left me in shock i tryed to jump back away from the light and hert my hip ! sleeping pills for two days took my weight off it ! and i am geting back on track my head still herts but whats new ,its done that for going on 4 years now! i am a alive! good luck tazz11

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