It’s too hot!!!

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  1. So, I rigged up my flowering tent (4x4x7)and turned everything on just to see how hot she’d get.

    95 degrees! Humidity was 30%, so that’s good.

    1 600 watt HPS, 1 6inch 440 cfm in-line fan.

    Basically, carbon filter > duct > hood > duct > fan> duct. This is in a 3rd bedroom with a screen door so I assumed by venting into the rest of my house which is always at 68 degrees, that it wouldn’t be so hot.

    Would venting directly outside solve this issue?

    Thanks !

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  2. what is the temp of the room that the tent is in?
  3. 75 degrees
  4. Are you using a glass on that hood ?
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  5. Yes there is glass on it. Sorry I took that pic before I set everything up.
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  6. That seems like the only thing left to try.....The setup looks right.....
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  7. Are you planing a filter you may need it?

    they ain't cheap either
  8. In that pic...Is your air intake and exhaust both on the same side of the tent ?
  9. A carbon filter? I have one, it’s behind the light strapped up
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  10. You can’t really see but the right side there is a vent on the top, my fans sitting on top of the hole on top of the tent.
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  11. OK, where is your fresh air intake,exactly ?
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  12. I don’t have a fresh air intake fan set up. Just left a few of the ports open. I think the hot air is just getting trapped in the room.
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  13. Meh.
  14. I tend to agree, LOL...We've eliminated everything else...
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  15. Outside we go! DIY window port for duct. Gotta love YouTube
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  16. i would personally try to reroute your exhaust set-up. you have so many sharp bends in your system I'm surprised its you can feel any air coming out the duct. each 90* bend cuts out airflow down significantly and you have a lot of bends. i bet if you reduce the bends and get a better airflow you would decrease your problem.
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  17. Thanks! Yeah the fan is pretty heavy duty, basically sucks my whole tent 4 inches on each side inward. I will definitely try to re align my duct.
  18. You need to be intaking fresh air into your tent. You want to get an inline fan 2" smaller than your exhaust fan attached to carbon filter. Stay away from can/squirrel fans. You want the intake fan extracting fresh air from outside preferably. This way you are not just getting constant air flow but also constant fresh natural air plants are used too. Most air in your home is pretty stagnant.

    As for your exhaust you can just put it back into the room your tent is in. Your plants are getting fresh cool air and exhaust is taking out the heat from the lights. Just add an oscillating fan and should be good to go.

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