Issues with my 2 week olds

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  1. My girls not doing too hot (no pun). Two of them are in peat with rice hulls, while two in slightly better shape are in coco and hulls.. 
    20141114_172309.jpg 20141114_172314-1.jpg 20141114_172317.jpg 20141114_172320.jpg
    Haven't fed them anything but did give a basic kelp (meal) tea once and waterings with a drop of Superthrive twice when i saw them yellowing. 

    Any idea what's happening? Want them to be able to survive i transplant them into my full strength soil.
    PS. Haven't Phd the water, it comes out of the tap at around 7.8. Don't have access to dolomite or garden lime here. 
    PPS. I added EWCs (top dressed) later since they weren't at hand at time of sowing. 

  2. just leave them alone. 
    you've provided enough nutrition for this stage of their life as is with the kelp tea and ewc.
    some seeds are just plain runty. 
  3. hi there,
    they don't look bad! I would guess it's heat stress. Or over-watering? If the only holes in those pots are on the bottom, consider placing them on a screen or some thing so the air can flow 360 degrees around the soil. 
  4. The girls in coco are doing much better in comparison.... that for me settle what base to use for sprouting
  5. Don't add anything else! Seedlings pack their own lunch (cotyledons (?)) and adding anything is much like trying to force feed a 20oz steak to an infant.
  6. It's really easy to overwater seedlings.

    Try watering less frequently, even if the top of the soil is dry. If you water to drain, there's plenty of moisture left in the lower portions of the pot, even when the top feels dry.

    Can you describe how you determine when to water, and how much?
    Thanks for the advice guys. Should i be ph adjusting the tap water? 
    Ive never grown with peat before this here organic grow. With coco n chems i used to just feed every two days regardless of how wet the soil was. With these I water till a little comes out the bottom and only when the upper inch of soil is dry.
    *I* wouldn't, that's just more chems you don't need.
    You really need some lime for that peat. I know you said you couldn't find dolomite or garden lime, so at least look for Calcium Carbonate. It does come in other forms and sources than limestone.
    I have crushed crab shell for some cal in my main soil that's been set aside for 1.5 months... Would calcium carbonate from a homeopathic pharmacy do?
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    "Should I be pH testing the tap water"

    Next time try starting your seeds directly into your organic soil; preferably "used"/"old" or at least cycled soil - the very same soil they will finish in.

    My soil's been cycling for more than a month... I'll be transplanting directly to it in a week or so. 

    Is newly made soil that's been left alone to cycle seed friendly? Always assumed it would burn the young ones (even though likelihood of that happening with a cycled organic mix is low)
  13. All this will be moot once you plant into your "good dirt" in another week. Since it lasts you'll always have some to plant your seedlings directly into from now on.

  14. Ok here's where you went wrong.

    a basic kelp (meal) tea once and waterings with a drop of Superthrive twice.

    Your baby's are only two weeks old, at this age you should be feeding a half strength of nutrients. Super thrive should be at a 1/4 strength in the baby stage (1-2) weeks. Water must be ph 6-6.2. Follow these steps to correct what you have so far fucked. I have included your photos pointing out the tell tail signs of nutrient burn.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416306905.619943.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416306923.472254.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416306938.228933.jpg

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  15. Thanks for giving it to me straight Joey (appreciate the effort with the pics too)... I'd already set my mind to flush them since they're due for a watering anyway today. 
  16. "already set my mind to flush them"

    Curious - what is it you're attempting to flush?

    Good luck!

    Superthrive and kelp... I know there wouldn't be any salt buildup with use of organic nutes (sans Superthrive), but (and this is where my noobiness shines through) wouldn't doing so dilute some of the affect from my alleged overfeeding? 
  18. "pointing out the tell tail signs of nutrient burn"

    What nutrients "burned" his plants?

    "you should be feeding a half strength of nutrients."

    Again - what nutrients?

    "Follow these steps to correct what you have so far fucked."

    At least you're nice and gentle about it...

  19. Fucking pleeeeaaasseeee here we go...

    What nutrients...give a basic kelp (meal) tea once and waterings with a drop of Superthrive twice....that's nutrients right there!!!!! Plus the other added crap of crab shell or what ever it was I read.

    Mate I'm not sugar coating shit, he knows his fucked it, now with my advice his going to fix it! This forum doesn't need another "have a go hero", so on ya bike!

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  20. I haven't added any crab shells... that's in the main mix these will be transplanted into. 
    These are two of them in coco, two in peat, both have EWC and rice husks.
    Only added kelp (tea) once and superthrive twice.

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