Issues That Only Have 1 Side To The Argument

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  1. They say there's 2 sides to every argument, but I see some arguments as only having one side to them.  I can think of 2 right off my head.  One is Legalization of drugs.  I see no argument for why drugs should be illegal.  Like there's some people who don't want drugs to be illegal, but in reality, there's no way to possibly justify drugs being illegal.  The facts, stats and logic all prove drugs should be legal here in the United States.  I'm sure most people on this forum agree with me here being a marijuana forum.  What are some other issues that only have 1 side to it.  I can think of one but I'm not gonna say it.  And I think some people may disagree, but it makes too much sense for it to be the other side.  So what are some issues that YOU think there's pretty much ZERO argument for.  Or are there not many?  Your thoughts.

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    For me evolution is another one. I know a lot of people find it controversial or might disagree, but those people are almost exclusively religious and they only reject it based on what they think it does to their religion(mitigates it).
    EDIT: For some reason I thought this was general, just realized it was politics, ignore my comment for purposes of the thread
  3. "Think of the children."
    Applies to every argument. Sorry you missed the memo.  :p
  4. men are smarter than women
    As do:
    "Even if it saves one life"
    "Nothing to hide? Nothing to fear."
    "If you don't like it you can git out"
  6. "That's not something we can put a price tag on" 
  7. Fascism. Nobody can defend it because there are no upsides to it.
  8. Many people don't care about facts, stats, or logic.

    Inflation is another one. I think it's amazingly obvious that it's a bad policy, but the majority of economists, and therefore people in general, think it's a tool for economic stability. It blows my mind.
  9. inflation yeah.  minimum wage too but that goes hand and hand with inflation
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    Equal rights for gays, meaning they should have visitation rights and right of attorney in the event of death, etc... the mundane things married couples get that gays are often denied.
  11. Libertarianism is a good example.

    Don't lie cheat or steal. Don't force views on people. Don't use violence.

    Pretty irrefutable

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  12. That's just being a good person, ideals which are older than the label of Libertarianism.
  13. That's just being a good person, ideals which are older than the label of Libertarianism.
    Which is why its odd that we needed to make a political party for it.

    But people suck

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    Here's a common one!
    - "But what about MY rights / privacy / and freedom?"
    What people need to understand is that none of this shit is ever guaranteed. Everyone else wants their rights and freedoms too, that's why we all have to sacrifice a little sometimes. We are a society, so we must cooperate with our fellow citizens as well as the state before the state (and it will) ultimately overrides nearly any lack of cooperation on the count of the citizens and non citizens. That's what states do, right? *wait for it* "Yeah we know that's why we wanna bring the state down, man!"
    Just because the state or law enorcement uses techniques that you think denies your or someone else's rights, doesn't mean that they should stop using those techniques despite the results they yield.
    One example would be the "stop and frisk" or "search and seizure" laws for urban gun violence and illegal immigrants. I haven't heard one case of someone being stopped and frisked and actually jailed for having a legal item, or themselves being of a legal status. Yet a lot of people hate this law and think it makes the streets worse rather than much safer. That's why the only urban mothers supporting stop and frisk are the ones who'se kids were shot intentionally or by stray bullets. And no, not bullets from police
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    I might go throw up, that's how disgusting it was to read this post. To think people out there believe this shit...........
  16. KK take it easy, kid. Go live on an island or go to the third world
  17. This is why we have the tenth ammendment.

    Smaller local government allow for mixed culture and for people to live in a place that supports there beliefs.

    In general the bigger the government, the less people it represents

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    You'd be surprised. There's a subreddit called Debate Fascism and I made the mistake of going there. There were people in there defending everything about Nazi Germany. They also think that there's one race out of all (coincidentally the one they are a part of) that is magically blessed with higher intellect or higher ability to organize society. It's hilariously sad. And they told people who debated them that they were "whining about civil liberties". It's just an alien concept to me, that some humans want so badly to have near complete rule over their fellow humans. 
    You have no rights. Nature has made no contract with you, you either obtain your own food for survival or you become it sooner than you should. Anything else you call a "right" would simply be theft by third party (government). Such as a right to work, or a right to free food, or anything "free".
    Especially when you prop up a government. Its absolutely and always will be a loss.
    There is no logical consistency in this. How can you pass this off as logical? No one wants cancer so we have to get a little cancer sometimes to not have cancer. You're either free or you're not. You go ahead and sacrifice your freedom to a third party that you fund and they choose to do with the money how they see fit, I wouldn't use force/violence to prevent you from doing so, do you grant me the same respect for not wanting to participate? Because clearly you aren't just giving up your freedom, you're giving it up for everyone else.
    Cooperation requires voluntary relationships and transactions. This is not the society you are speaking of so "cooperate" is not the correct word to use. The word you're looking for is obey.
    The state does not cooperate. It only demands. What is lack of cooperation to you? Not funneling your money to an immoral entity that solely operates with violence and coercion?
    The fuck? This is not cooperation. This is that equality. If an officer has the right to do this then I have the right to do this. Do I have the right to trespass on your liberty? Would you not mind?
    It doesn't matter what you've heard unless you're superman chilling up in space listening in on every single incident. Can I stop you in the middle of the street and demand you show me what you have on you? And if you say yes, then that's fine, but this does not mean its obligated for everyone else.
    That is quite pathetic. I suppose the only people drawn to Fascism are the ones that desire power over people, and in my opinion those are people that society could probably do without.

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