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Issue with first high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CarverMG, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. This happened about 6 years ago.. But lead me to still have a minor panic about it.. Wondering if it was normal or laced or just my body fighting it off..
    So.. prior to the experience i had i tried smokin like 2 bowls a day for two weeks and never got high..
    One day with a friend we bought a 2ft bong and a 1/4.
    I ended up smoking about 6-8bowls to myself and didnt feel a thing while my friend ended up having a half a bowl and was already baked. Aparently it was some good shit..
    At the time I was on Prozac. the 6-8bowls did nothing to me.. so i tried 4 more.. I ended up smoking about the entire 1/4 in a bong to myself.. finally i felt something..
    So my high started like this..
    Everything happened visually...
    Everything slowed down.. for about 30 seconds.. sound slowed down.
    Then my vision kind of turned to glass shattering.
    and i had this really really weird effect happen throughout the day..
    aside from other events..
    My vision turned into a photo coppier.. Everything i looked at would suddenly pause and i would minorly black out of conciousness and then i would see something else and it would repeat..
    When that was not happening i would have what seemed to be a drop of blood in the center of my vision.. which ever way i turned my head the droplet would move.. and it would suddenly get bigger and louder when i moved my head.
    It got to the point where i was looking at the size of a bowling ball moving in my head and i would hear it move and it would keep swelling up.
    at the peak of this It filled up my entire vision knocking me on the ground forcing my body to the ground and distorting my vision to be as if it were in a fishbowl.
    Then i started to get heat flashes to high hell.. my whole body heated to the point where i was almost naked on my friends floor and ice was over me because i couldnt seem to cool my body down.
    Then everything started to repeat from the glass shattering, photo coppier and the fact that i had a giant fishbowl in my head that was killing me.. after about an hour in
    my friend dialed 911.. and i ended up blacking out before the paramedics came..
    The Doctors in the ER just classified me as being allergic to THC.. because they did a blood test and it showed very little THC in my system.. Nor was it laced with anything..
    I live out here in Cali.. and this shit is good..
    So Im wondering if i just over smoked.. If it mixed with the medicine.. or if this is just a natural reaction to me.. But for 6 years.. i have had a terrible fear of going near it without having the same thing happen again.. So any ideas would be helpful..
    Also as a further note.. I tried it again a month later.. just got in the car and a different friend was lighting up.. and i had a flash back of the entire event and it lasted for a few hours.. so yeh.. Wondering whats up.

  2. Im confused you had very little THC in your system but you smoked a whole quarter of dank?Sent from my SCH-I435 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3.  sooo this is your first post eh?  Why after 6 yrs do you care to know now? 

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