Israel isn’t a Democracy, it’s an Apartheid Regime

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  1. Respected Israeli human rights group Btselem has published a report stating that Israel is no longer a democracy but an "apartheid regime" devoted to cementing the supremacy of Jews over Palestinians.

    “More than 14 million people, roughly half of them Jews and the other half Palestinians, live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea under a single rule," B'Tselem said in a new analysis titled: "A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid."

    A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid

    This is a game changer that heaps intense pressure on the Israeli regime which for years now has cast off all criticism of it’s brutal treatment of the Palestinian people as “anti Semitic”. I’d urge anyone who has any interest in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict to read this report.
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    that's a pretty bad situation. the plight of the Palestinians is never discussed in the MSM. i'm optimistic to think that tax paying Americans would object loudly to israeli tactics given that we've sent them a few thousand billion $'s over the years of their "sovereignty". if the so-called Palestinian Issue were ever discussed openly and with objective fairness something good would come for the Palestinians.

    there is some "thing" about that land and the temple that transcends religious dogma and military strategy imo. it's the only place on the planet where it's been constant fighting, destruction, and turmoil, for the past 2000+ years. idk what it is but it's some thing.

    thanks for the link. i am not a blind supporter of israel, the jews, or their history. it's the 21st century now. the report highlights what is certainly one of the worst human rights records on the planet.

    edit: my guess is there won't be a lot of dialogue on this subject. another head scratcher imo. people seem to not care to openly discussing anything negative about israel. i used to kinda-sorta get that attitude but i have certainly lost it. whatever it is that Netanyahu represents to the "jewish cause" is not good imo. he's a criminal and a tyrant.
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  3. The Israelis have made an art out of shutting down discussion on the topic. Criticise Israel and you are immediately labelled as anti Semitic. This is particularly true when it comes to US politicians. Lobby groups like APAIC have a tight grip on the vast majority of politicians balls.
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  4. all of israel's many agent provocateurs are deeply embedded within US government and the dozens of important decision making agencies. with all the money the pentagon gives israel she can afford to pay it back in cash for "support for israel" causes.

    here in the states today there is a "(sic) feed the homeless jews" commercial that runs for 2 phrikking minutes 2 dozen times a day! i see that and i'm thinking, what in the hell! what group of jews in the world remain homeless and starving? Belarus? i mean wtf! it's just incredible to see it being broadcast on national TV. it ranks right up there with the same class of heart rendering story and sad song as the 3 minute ASPCA commercial runs a dozen times a day. again, unbelievable.

    so, this homey here aint buying the story for either of the "homeless, starving jews", or the story the non-charitable organization the ASPCA would have us believe they do to help discarded animals. the psyop games played on the US population are massive in scope.
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  5. Hell, I don't know which I rather have, war on which religion/nationality like Israel is facing or war on free range slavery and govt corruption like the US is facing.

    Suppose US will crash, and I Suppose that if/when the middle east becomes first world and they all spend hours on cell phones they'll be right with the rest of ppl.

    Does history repeat itself? Or will some learn.

    Right now first world countries are in a place never seen before in recorded history, third world countries are repeating the same bs and killing they've done for thousands of years.

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  6. there is no "free range slavery" in the USA...unless you're talking about Americans ignoring slavery in China.
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    Compulsory education system.... Let's send our kids to a shit school that they cry and don't want to go so adults can hurry hurry hurry out the door and punch numbers and letters in for their boss in japan who's working for a politician in the US that's doing absolutely nothing for the well being.

    Kids aren't growing up to be functional members of society, a good chunk of them are committing suicide before 18, some are good tax payers, but when the children look at the parents who even if not speaking, send of the vibes of stress and misery, what makes a kid think that's right?

    @Captain Space Pirate

    It goes deeper than the tiny little flake I wrote above. This isn't humanity anymore.

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    Edit this in for giggles - The american system first began hearing ideas of government corruption decades ago, before woman were in the workforce.

    The government devised a way to fake equality while separating the minds of it's citizens.

    A woman, spent all day with her children, who she loves, shed die for them, she teaches them right from wrong, educated them to be members of society, Then it hits.

    Why would we want to go work in a railroad or some other job all day instead of this? It's a stemmed idea implemented thru suggestive thinking.

    Now divide and conquer, let the state raise them all, men and woman alike will spend all their time working, allows for the state to indoctrinate the kids.

    Of course these days they can Google anything a teacher says or parent says, it's an outdated system that is crumbling

    It makes no sense for a man to do the nurturing and a woman to do physical labor, luckily now with technology our brains are what matters in work, so man and woman alike succeed.

    Even hundreds of years ago when farming and gathering was the only way to live
    Men dug holes and woman did more tending and sowing.

    This isn't what mainstream media calls sexist, this is logical.
    Only now we've been divided into millions of different psychological ego enraging terms that people fight over.
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