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  1. where would i get a hold of this stuff here in the uk??i've tried all over and can't find any,or is there something else,more readily available i can use as a solvent??
  2. When I was in the UK you could get it any private chemists. The big chains like boots don't usually have the required liscence. You need to ask at the counter as it's kept locked away.
  3. in the us its available in any pharmacy. Its also known as rubbing alcohol. There are different grades its hard to find the 90 percent grade. I use it for cleaning computer CD's and parts.
  4. yea you can find it everywhere in the us but once you get above 70% it gets scarce just keep on asking around for isopropyl alcohol but if you could find some moonshine thats pretty much pure alcohol and might work as a substitute although its probally illegal but i dont know for sure
  5. Cheap rot-gut gin makes an excellent solvent, i have cleaned all sorts of things with it, including my glass..Good stuff.:D
  6. You can get pure iso the UK, no unpleasant residues.

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