ISO with AVB (Already vaped bud)

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  1. nope same process. maybe shake it up longer but other than that chinese people say.
  2. have you tried a avb iso extraction before? if so, what does it taste like? ive smoked what collects in the vape bowl, but it taste like shit.. I normally revape the wand hash and it lasts for hours, is it even possible to vape the iso oil in the vape???

    I plan to buy iso 99% tomorrow if i can find it and try it
  3. yeah i have, it tastes like normal hash to me. and i'm not sure I've never been bold enough to stick anything in my whip except herb, scared itll clog the screen lol.
  4. I know this isn't answering your question, but another great option with vaped bud is to make cannabutter. Works so good..put 2 oz of vaped bud in per stick of butter and you are good to go
  5. I feel like I've read avb is a dIffernt high? I thInk it's like decarbing oil but do not quote me on that

  6. That's what I've been doing is making butter then Brownies. But it make the butter taste awful and the Brownies taste like what the vaped bud smells like. And I got really sick from my last batch. That's why I wanted to try something new with the vaped bud.
  7. You got sick? As in puked and stuff? Thats not good man, I never heard of that happening before. I wonder what could have caused it... Well that will make me do some more research before making that again
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    i think it might of been from either to much butter in the brownies from when i did the cannabutter in the crock pot, i also had my gal bladder out years ago, fatty foods really can make me sick, or that i left them in a air tight container for over a week in the fridge before eating them..It could of been anything, but i know the 2 brownies i ate came back up all over me, then i got rid of the others and havent tried making them since.. Thats why i want to try this oil, its something new i can do with the vaped bud other than butter ..

    i will be making it tomorrow sometime after i wake up, everything is in the freezer right now
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    first time, ran out of iso, didnt realize how much iso i needed, did 1 wash, filtered 2 times and still got some already vaped bud particles in it.. Drying now, no clue what i will get from it since i only did 1 wash on it.. The stuff that you see in the middle of the dish is on the BOTTOM side of the dish, not in it

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  10. Would any of you guys, with experience doing this, mind posting a couple photos of your ABV bud. I want to know the color range of what your bud looks like compared to mine....which is a light brown, I'm just wondering if I'm vaping my bud too many times (volcano classic)
  11. Mine is normally a bit darker because i like to turn the temp up to get as much out of it as i can, but this pic looks like what my stuff normally looks like, a medium to light dark brown

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  12. Thanks a lot, I'm right on target with mine then..
  13. after drying all day this is what i got, looks like a good bit to me

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  14. looks like it says "BeeS" lol
  15. ended up with 0.5g with the wax paper.. Its really dark and extremely runny and liquidy, it looks exactly like the oil/hash i get from my vaporizer wand for wand hash

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    Whoever said to wash it longer than normal bud.. That was a bad idea. You want to do it for less.

    The longer the plant material is exposed to iso, the more unwanted shit that is drawn out. You are much closer to extracting that unwanted shit when its already been vaped.

    So you really want to wash it for a very shot period of time. Preferably put the bud and the iso in the freezer for 24hrs before hand as well. This aids in slowing down extraction of unwanted stuff.

    My method with AVB is putting it into a coffee filter and trying it up so its like a tea bag. Then you put it in a cup and pour iso over top and let it soak for a bit until you start the iso change color. This allows very slow contact with the bud making it easier to get a better product. I only use this method with AVB though as its very hard to get a pure product.

    The time is up to you and depends on a lot. But you can also use several cups and have several "washes" with different qualities. (first wash is purest, second more impurities, third even more, etc..)


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