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Iso hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Lanny17, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. I'm wondering how much stem and shake I would have to iso to get a nice amount of hash ? Like a few grams or so ..
  2. to get 3-4 grams i think you need like over a half of mids. idk though, just googled it quick.

  3. I used about a quarter of trimmings... worked pretty good for me.
  4. What would happen if you used 70% iso instead of 90% ?

  5. Nothing... except it is not as pure, which would minorly affect the quality of the product.
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    I don't know if it takes longer to extract more goodies with 70%, but it will definitely take longer to evaporate on your plate. Someone more knowledgeable chime in on this?

    Edit: Screw what I said,

  7. Would it be a notable difference?

  8. Honestly I wouldn't think it would

  9. Ya it would

    And the hash would be really low quality if you use stems

  10. Alright, looks like i have to run to the store Bolt
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    you would have less product. 70% isopropyl alcohol is 30% water. Water does not extract THC (hash), alcohol does. You will have 20% less hash if you use 70% as opposed to 90%. ispropyl alcohol is (i forget the word but its) when it attracts both polar and nonpolar things, butane is polar and so is THC, polar attracts polar, butane is the best way to extract because it only attracts polar things (THC) which is why the oil is a lighter color than the semi polar isopropyl alcohol which will attract chlorophyll and other contaminants.

    bottom line: the less water you have and in turn the more iso alcohol you have, the more hash you will have.

    edit: also the more iso alcohol you have the more plant matter contaminants you will have, so typically people do a wash for 30 seconds with 91% concentration
  12. In my experience about a half of shake and stems is gonna get you just over a gram with 99% iso... if they're decent quality.
    A half of decent buds would get you around 2.

    Just make sure if you're using 99% not to leave it in longer than 45 seconds or so. Past that point you'll be extracting things you don't want in your oil.

  13. Well not 100%the sire nut isn't the difference just more eaters added? So I'd assume it'd take longer to evaporate
  14. Iso oil is not hash ! Just saying lol :p enjoy your iso man
  15. Ask sirsog that mofo knows everything there is to know about qwiso hash.

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