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iso hash

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by billgee, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. used to make iso hash. tried it again came out weird.
    put frozen koala cutting and popcorn in bottle added isopropyl (91) to cover. Shook for 20-25 seconds, Drained Alcohol into top of double boiler. Reduced to Dark green mess that I dont like.
    What I do wrong?
    How do I do it right?

  2. I've only made it twice but I didn't heat it! I froze the weed for about half an hour, used 91 ISO as you did, let it sit for 30 seconds,  then shake for 30 seconds. Strain well, pour onto plate (a square plate works the best) and let sit for at least 24 hours, I use a small personal fan to help it evaporate, then scrape up with razor blade. I just don't know how to press it... I leave it in powder form.
  3. Seems like it should have worked fine. Was it ground up?
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    How long did you let it sit before scrapping it?  Did you freeze it before scraping it?
    If you scrape it early and don't freeze it before you scrape it, it comes out as a black goopy mess, but if you wait at least 3+ days to make sure all of the iso and water evaporates, and put it in the freezer an hour before you scrape, it will come out more like hash.
    I've never played around with heat when trying to evaporate it, I just let it evaporate at room temperature.  I do believe letting it sit + freezing will help you to get more of a hashy consistency than a goopy oil consistency, because I had recently added those techniques to my last run and didn't get any black goopy oil this time like I usually do. 

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