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iso hash questions.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DeadEyes88, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. whats up GC!

    Im about to atempt making iso hash and was wondering acouple of things. First off, will leves work in there to, because I have alot a leves crumbled up and a bunch of stems. Also is there any smell from the substance? and ill try and post some pics of my stuff later on.
  2. female leaves, yes it reeks when you burn the iso off. i suggest doing it outside, have fun breathing it in, my lungs feel for you
  3. ^^you burn the iso out? i always let it evaporate...

    dont use stems... some good leaves would work though
  4. i've used stems its fine, mostly bud though its so daaaannnkkkk when you use good bud.
  5. yes it stinks like alcohol, the smell will knock you out if you're in the same room without open windows

    do it outside... what i did was put the iso in a corning ware plate, put it outside with a fan blowing over it on low and in the sun. it took a few hours to evaporate. i actually did the last 30% in my room, just opened the windows and left the room for a couple hours.

    you can use leaves or stems it doesn't matter. just don't shake the iso on it for very long... use 99%, shake it for 10-15seconds and strain into the plate
  6. for iso you can use all kinds of crap... My mixture of stuff in my iso consists of old bud, shwag, stems, leafs and even joint papers. It all adds something! Also, take others words and prepare for the smell - its awful. You lucky bastards getting 99% iso... I cant find it anywhere, had a hard enough time finding 91%. Still works, make sure you give it enough time to dry before you try I find if I try and smoke it all too early its harsh on my throat.

    I was wondering... I have about 2 grams of resin just chilling because I usually dont smoke it. Can I add resin into the mixure?
  7. Thanks for the info guys. ill try to get alittle dank to add to the mixture. and it seems like perfect weather for it to be outsice. pics(hopefully) soon.
  8. You better hit me up when that hash is done, bro.

    "Swan" had some okay stuff from the club. Surprisingly, it wasn't as good as J. Bailey's homemade hash, though.

    Let's get tooohhh up, bluhh.

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