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ISO hash made with resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by McGiver727, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. long time smoker just posting here.

    so i was thinking about making some hash and then i looked at my resin ridden pipe and i got to thinking. can you make hash with it if you soak your pipe in the alchohol for a few days and then go about the original steps. what if you used bud to would that make like super hash?
  2. You cant make hash from resin, its just a sticky like substaince. So there's going to be no thc crystals or trich's there. If you are desprate then i'de say you should just smoke the resin as it is.
  3. yes, yes u can... its a good way to utalize ur rezin.. i would wait to do it until u have other shit to do it with... (IT WILL BE LOW GRADE) but better then smokin rez
  4. nah i got plenty of bud but my guess was that the alchohol would soak up the thc out of the resin (from soaking my pipe) and i would use that alchohol in the hash making using bud.
  5. have you done it before? I have about a gram or more of rez I've been collecting, I just don't see it workin' well, but I would love to be able to make hash out of it if it does work
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    Isopropanol will lift the resin from the glass, aiding in its collection, but the result is not hash. Hash requires trichomes (and if purity isn't an issue, plant matter,) neither of which are found in resin.
  7. you guys have me all wrong, im not saying resin is hash or anything but im saying if you go to make hash the iso way using bud then wouldnt it be stronger if the alcohol you used was already full of thc from the resin soaking?
  8. ...no. Resin contains very little THC to begin with. Doing what I believe you're trying to say will just be resin mixed with hash, which I suppose would be marginally stronger, but significantly less pure. The resin would basically be acting as tarry, carcinogen-rich filler.
  9. Oh well in that case I can see where your coming from. I'de say it would be a bit stronger but it wouldnt be anything super. I dont see why it would hurt to try....

  10. That's why
  11. there is a way to extract the leftover thc in the resin. but i requires a bit of work and i'm not sure on the specifics. but it is possible.

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