iso good seedbank for an aussie

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by kingbud9000, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. can anyone tell me a current upto date seedbank that sends to australia and that normaly has no problams turning up? anyone have any info on this subject plz let me know :)
  2. I use demon seeds, both times I order with gift cards... And they both turned up.... Was happy and 2 seasons later haven't have any cops kick down my door
  3. that is like pick n or seperate site altogether? just asking as i googled it and mostly all that come up was like pick n mix shit but no .com so im just making sure im on the right place?
  4. hmm ok i took a look and tryed to make my order but it failed? my guess is because they say they only ship to the billing address on my credit card but i need it sent else where.... hahaha so anyone know any other sites thats recently been used with success for us Australians? lol
  5. did your giftcard get charged?
  6. no lol?
  7. I went with these guys and its been 28days, nothing yet.
    will be going thru Demonseeds next time, as long as i can get it sent and with a card.

    Ill let you know how i go but thats not for another 2 weeks or so.
  8. by the looks of it my issue has something to do with my pre paid credit card ive tryed many sites and all so far use sage pay bank thing to make payment and thats the part i fail on

    anyways let me know how you go, after all the work on my setup recently one way or another i'll be getting some good seeds lol

  9. i know bro, its fucking terrible the quality of green in aus! well qld is fucking shit most of the time.

  10. lmfao true that bro i reakon tho your stuff up theres better thn tas shit lol

  11. hmmm it depends, sometimes its alright sometimes its shit.

    Never really get good 1 cone stone off anything. Half of it isnt dry and is wet as fuck.

    But soon, i will not have to worry.
  12. haha im yet to see a 1 cone stone in aus haha i bet plenty ppl got the bomb growing but too tight to sell or give away any haha

  13. Chyea bro, its fucking shit haha. i remember it back in the day tho.

    got some purple shit that rocked me hard.

    Oh well another little bit and we'll be there too bro!
  14. you have to use a gift card . get them from the post office , make sure its a VISA one that can be used on line ..

    and yeah , I grow top quality , don't sell , give a bit away , but 90% personal use
  15. I get the impression, you're giving advise to a 13 year old growing at his Parents home.

    Just the immature 'hahahha's scattered around, and .. something else. Anyway, what do I give a shit.

    I replied, to find out what it is they do to buds these days.

    There seems to be alot of halves floating around that just don't give you any 'high' at all. The last half *I* bought, it made me feel like I'd taken horse tranquilizers, and that was it. Sure it calms you down, but you don't get the buzz anymore from a LOT of buds you buy.

    I could swear, they either (a) Add amonia or some shit to the buds (couldn't think why) or (b) They've already smoked the buds through a vaporizer or something, cos the shit you buy is fucking garbage compared to what I used to get.

    This is South Oz I'm referring to, it's decriminalized here, and < 100grams only inccurs a fine. Over > 100grams is considered commercial, but who needs more than 3 ounces in their cupboard at ANY point in time :)

    Just curious. I though other people from other countries might know what they do to the buds to strip them of .. goodness.

    Mind you, they smell fine, and they look alright. But there's not much stickiness (even though you can see the resin glands all over the buds)

  16. ..and I would still prefer to buy from a good dealer, than grow it. I don't want the paranoia, I'm paranoid enough without plants growing in my house, thanks all the same :)
  17. And by the way, if anyone's paranoid about browsing online for anything like this, I am setting up my own proxy server script. It's right here.

    it's not finished yet, since someone else created the cript (CGIProxy, it's originally called) but it doesn't fit in with my sites theme, so I'm just tinkering with the sucker.

    Still, it works. And before anyone jumps in and says it: I know, why trust ME? *I* could be some undercover cop trolling for evidence.

    DOn't use it, if you don't want to :) I just wanted a proxy that *I* knew I could trust, why I installed it.

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