Iso evap/purge with oil slick

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    I want to get a oil slick but was wondering what is the best way to use the with ISO and not butane .. honestly I've searched and can't find that much info on oil slicks with iso.. would it go in the bottom Pyrex dish while I am evaporating or do I scrape first then transfer to the slick for the purge.

    I'm just having issues getting every last bit of oil off the Pyrex dish.
  2. If you want to blast/run directly onto them, the "Slick Sheet" is what you're looking for. Oil Slicks can be blasted onto but they don't recommend it.
  3. Would that be the only solution to getting every last bit of oil ?
  4. What's wrong with a pyrex? You're not going to lose that much, and if you do you just pour some more iso in, and keep it in a jar, then do a big batch of leftovers.

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