Isnt she gorgeous?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SativaBleu, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Cant believe how much she has grown.isnt she the best looking plant ever??

    She will definitely make some guy really happy one day. Cant wait to see her as an adult

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  2. Beautiful
    What is she

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  3. durban poison

    not sure if its a female yet :(
  4. Patience my friend.
    It takes time, but you'll soon find out.
  5. Have faith
    Could always do as I'm planning to do when she's old enough take a clone and put the clone into flower at least that way your not going to be using all that time and effort and money for what maybe a male

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  6. sorry im a newb. what exactly do you mean? what is the purpose of it?
  7. If you take a clone it will have the parents genetics so because you can't be sure it's a female until flower you can take a clone and put that into flower separately that way although you won't get any bud from it you'll be able to see the sex if it's a female you can carry on vegging the parent plant but if it's a male you can bin it and won't have to worry wasting any time
    Hope that makes sense

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  8. Sure. There has never ever been a better looking plant.


    But good luck.


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