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Isn't marijuana just too darn deceptive?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Billy000, May 20, 2010.

  1. The first I watched the most recent Fast and the Furious movie I was high as a kite. I thought it was pretty cool. The second time I watched it I was sober and I saw just how crappy it truly was.
  2. Nah, it just makes everything better :smoke:
  3. good old maryjane gives new appreciation to anything, even the boring things. i love it!!! nothing like watching a movie high :cool: my favorite is how it enhances conversation.

  4. ^^^^so tru +rep to both op for learning something new lol and asking a question most of us wouldnt dare and poster for telling it how it is

  5. In a movie? yes!...

    You've never truly watched a movie unless you've watched it high :smoke:
  6. Mary Jane makes art a lot more interesting also, love painting with her by my side.
  7. Try watching Donnie Darko high. It's crazy.

  8. I forgot which movie it was, but everyone who I knew who watched it sober hated it, and everyone I knew who watched it high loved it, and I watched it high and loved it.

  9. Sexay smillle.

    As much as I hate to say it.. I miss generally miss alot of things in a movie when I'm high.. but considering that I only catch this notion when I watch the movie again sober it's hard to say that it was because of the ganja.

    It definitely makes it more interesting I'll tell you that.
  10. Isn't marijuana just too darn deceptive?

    Yep, it fools me every time.
  11. To a point, but you REALLY haven't watched a movie until you watch 'The Wall' while on massive amounts of hallucinogenics :D
  12. I completely agree about everything you just said. You can have an in depth convo with your friend sober and really not understand what theyre talking about philosophically but if you smoke some flame and talk to them EVERYTHING they say makes sense. (Unless you're too retarded to hear) :p

  13. I was actually having a convo about that movie... havent seen it yet but I heard its good under the influence.
  14. Marijuana is very deceptive. A few days ago, I was hanging out with some people I barely know, and we smoked some weed before going to pick up someone else for a party. We were in a fairly run down neighborhood, yet somehow I wasn't worried at all. I even felt like I knew the people I was with, like a strange empathy as if I knew them for years. Really strange, but pretty cool. I guess it was a reduction of anxiety from the pot.
  15. This isn't always true for me.

    For The Book of Eli, i got high in the parking lot right before it started. And yes, that made the movie amazing.

    Some movies though, When im high, i cant help but see the "fakeness" that is put into the movie. How they are just actors. Doing their lines. Blue screens. Makeing up all that shit. It ruins the damn movie for me haha.
  16. sweet jesus, watching the wall while tripping is heavenly. +rep for you lol

  17. Yeahhh, it isn't me but its one of my fav actress'. But it reminds me of me cuz I got that permasmile going on anytime I'm high!

    EXACTLY this!! Any conversation can go on for literally hours! And nothing seems "stupid" to say. One of my buddies tells amazing stories when he's high too just randomly! Gotta love it.
  18. Things high are much cooler then sober. You watch clover field sober it was...Ok....but then high ur getting all worked up pretty kickass movie
  19. I got that movie this week and I'm hopin to take some bong rips sometime this weekend(i havent seen it before) alone or with the gf and watch that shit. I've heard its maddd trippy.
  20. story of my life. all my buddies love gettin stoned and seeing movies. i never want to cuz i always feel like that. i pretty much enjoy movies a lot more when im sober and i dont like going when im high cuz i feel like ill lose some appreciation for a movie thats badass.

    only movie i can say i honestly thought was the best shit ever when im high was avatar. my mind was like 100% blown. 14 stoned ass dudes sitting in a basement watching avatar hahahahaha. after every fuckin awesome part wed all just look at each other and be like "holy fuckin shit bro!"

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