Isn't Arnold supposed to talk about legalization today?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by DanBoone, May 27, 2009.

  1. For some reason I thought Arnold was supposed to talk about legalization today...
  2. Its only 1 question....
  3. bah, thats wank!
  4. that's 1 question more then in recent time!
  5. Yes he is supposed to. When an article or video is released I will post it.
  6. Okay, here it is. Honestly it is nothing spectacular at all. It is more or less what he said before. But as we say with all the articles and videos that are released on this subject, the more coverage, the better.

    [ame=]YouTube - Gov. Schwarzenegger Answers Digg Questions on CNN 05/27/2009[/ame]
  7. he pretty much said nothing, he wants a debate, thats it i guess.
  8. Thanks for posting that, digg has failed on getting it posted right.

    At least he made it clear he is not for it (on record at least) but wants to discuss it, which is what ANYONE who opposes it should be saying, the simple fact that these people don't want any kind of official formal debate just show they have nothing to support their flawed beliefs and they damn well know it.
  9. Kal-ee-forn-eeuh
  10. I think Arnold is doing a very brave thing for a man in his position. He's a Republican, for one thing. Overall, they're out biggest political nemesis. No offense to Republicans- I'm one, too. I just wish more of my Party would wake up and smell the coffee like I did.

    Also, Arnold's got a very old, established, revered political family in the form of his in-laws. No wife likes to be between her family and her man. Plus, whatever Arnold does can strongly impact Maria's career.

    He's not taking a huge risk, but I do feel he's acting out on the brave side of things. How many other govs have the balls to say what he's saying right now? Not many.

  11. yea i think he's doing a great job. even though he really isn't for the legalization of marijuana, i think he's the next best possible thing. he's really out to give power to the people. with him saying that it's definitely possible for it to happen in the future
  12. It's pretty pathetic when the most honest and most caring politician in this country is a former Mr. Universe, The Terminator, and not even American.

    He has no problem saying he's against legalization, but is completely open to outside opinions.

    Maybe we should allow Arnold to run for president? He seems like he would be a president who will listen to the people and not use his power to enforce his own beliefs. Sounds nice.
  13. Well, actually, I think he is, in a way, enforcing his own beliefs. After all, his first 'home-made' movie (about bodybuilding) shows him toking on a great big fatty and smiling his a$$ off! :):D;)
  14. Let's see if he can pull California out of the shitter first. Not saying it's his fault but they are having problems and he is in charge.

    I haven't paid any attention to him until recently and I like his as a politician. I saw him on Leno the other day and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind and be honest. When asked why things are how they are he wasn't afraid to say he tried to fix it but the voters shot him down so now they are scrambling to figure something else out.
  15. i could be wrong, but i think you have the wrong video posted

    one day it could be an initiative and the voters could vote on it directly? hasnt that initiative been planned for a november vote for quite some time. that just leads me to believe you have a somewhat outdated video.
  16. Arnold can't run for president.
  17. Thats probably why he said "mabye we should allow him to run for president"
  18. We can't allow him either. It's not an issue for the people to decide, it's in the Constitution.

    Sad, but true.
  19. Since when does anyone follow that?
  20. Since 1787 baby.

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