IsmokePlentyBud's 2nd Grow- Super Lemon Haze, Bubblegummer, White Widow, Cheese

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  1. Hey fellow Blades!:smoke: Today I have my brand new grow just a few weeks in the making to get my feet or should i say roots in the ground. Here I have Greenhouse Super Lemon Haze, Greehouse White Widow (possibly GH Kings Kush.. Seed mix-up sorry), Female Seeds X-line Bubblegummer, and my Greenhouse Cheese that hasn't even left soil yet. I tried germing it and it wasn't happening so I decided to cancel it grew a little taproot and was in intermission forever. I recently just threw it in soil for the hell of it and sat it in the back and now it looks like we are making some progress.

    My setup now includes a bunch of fluorescent tubes, this is for the first few initial weeks.

    Following I will have a 250w HPS in a tent that is obviously too big but will do for now til I move up to the 600w. Maybe next grow, who knows. I think it will suffice, I need to set up my centrifugal fan and charcoal filter but A. the fan is ultra loud and somebody sleeps in the next room. How do I keep it quieter? B. How do i mount and set this up properly? Inside, outside? Filter to fan to exhaust? or Fan to exhaust to filter? Sorry just some questions I need covered.

    For now I am using some Fox Farms Ocean Forest and a little bit of recycled miracle grow soil. But ultimately it will be FFOF I have to stop by the hydroponics store first. I just ordered my 2nd timer (1st was broken got refund) they are currently doing 24 which is a little stressful I want to cut the time back but I gotta wait. The temps stay about 82 but i have been putting big blocks of ice to bring it down to about 79.5 the humidity needs to be a little higher too its about 52%. I'm running about the same temps and humidity in the tent with the HPS on. I'm getting a humidifier very soon.

    I'm getting leaf yellowing on the White Widow's cotyledons. What do you suspect it to be? I just gave them their first watering with Fox Farms liquid nutes the first in line I forget the name right now, haha. I did half strength on the SLH and the Widow, I left the BG alone because it seems moist and looks pretty green to me. I'm getting a little leaf curling on the WW too but it just seems to be the Greenhouse genetics. I had the same thing on The Church my first grow.

    Please let me know what you think, any comments are appreciated even if its criticism. Thanks for stopping by Blades hope you stick around and enjoy the pics!:hello:

    First two pics White Widow, Third pic Bubblegummer, Fourth and Fifth are Super Lemon Haze (nice internode spacing :yay:) Six is Cheese. And the rest are self explanatory. Don't mind the fan that's coming out very soon.

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  2. Everything looks good buddy and the cyledons normally turn yellow:hello:
  3. Don't worry about the cotyledons. It's probably just a sign that your plant has used all of the nutrients contained in it and now it's time for it to fall off.

    Subbin in :)
  4. Thanks for the tips guys! I've read that before and know its normal, but I was just worried cause she is so little and I usually dont see that happening this early. If you can see them on the SLH they look as green as it gets. I'll just keep going at the pace I'm going and see how she holds up. Just replaced my blocks of ice in hope to bring down the temp a bit, it was a little warm today so temps are about 83.5 about 3.5 more than what I would like it to be right now. I think ill stick a decent little fan in to get air movement.. Going to do that right now!

  5. good idea with the extra fan...i try to aim two up and 1 across the tops...keeps me at a cool 80 with a 400watter side by a 150 watter and some cfls surrounding the outsides...83 is okay but if you can get it to 80 i would say with the lights on you will be golden and your plants will thank you
  6. I know, I just dont know what it is right now. I feel like this fan is doing nothing to temps maybe even bringing them up. Im beginning to think this fan sucks altogether and i will most likely trash it. Going to put a bigger real fan in there around morning and we will see the results of that.

    On a side note, the rain and wind totally decapitated two colas straight off my Power Kush Outdoor grow.... Let me just say NOT F**King cool man. You can throw branches at my car all day, but the second you bother my plants its done. Getting a well needed breaked tomorrow. Sun and shine all the way baby. Start drying those colas out before some stupid bud rot sets in.... Power Kush was my prized baby so im a bit hurt right now. but I have some nuggets drying so I should get a test smoke. Just worried about the injuries it sustained and recovery time and affect it will have on the plant. I was just praying for nug denseness and trich color change.

    OK, enough of that subject. New thread here.... So I checked up on the cotyledons today on the WW. They still look overall healthy and planted on that stem but the yellowing has nearly doubled at this point, not going to worry about it. They seemed good on water for today so I'll probably wait til tomorrow , I might even just get my soil than and transfer just the SLH for now to final bucket so i could do some extreme training.
  7. Just a little suggestion to your fan problem... There is a 35 dollar fix for it sold at home depot. Its a 8 inch inline fan that all you need to do is hook it up with ducting and run cold air through it from another part of where ever your grow op is... atleast thats what ive done. Also not sure what your room looks like or whatever it in but you will need to create a intake and an outake if your having heat issues if you dont want to go out and buy an industrial inline fan. (which work great by the way)
  8. And as far as your leaf burn problem or "yellowing" as you call it. Dont water them so much, clones and smaller plants do not need much water at all. In small pots like that simillar to what i have used water can last in the plants for up to over a week depending on tempature. (75 degrees and 50% humidity is nice for veg) Also i would not be using nutrients at this stage of the plant, plain filtered water is supreme make sure your ph levels are balanced as well with it. 6.5 to 6.8 seem to justify. as well as ppm.
    hope i helped.
  9. What type of fan is it? Get a oscillating fan. if its inside your tent. they work wonders.

  10. Its an inline fan, i heard it wont be loud when its fully set up... But its like really loud.
  11. ive heard of some people putting the inline fans inside a homemade box... it helps to control the heat dispurtion but mind you it will be semi hot in the box because of the motor. Basicly what id do is measure the dimentions of the inline fan.. which are usually supplied by the Company of which the item is made from. Secondly go get some MDF board. It is board used to make subwoofer boxes. Virtually you item will be sound proof if you make it completely sealed. id use wood glue and wood screws... I know it seems like alot of work but it will pay off later. Finally i would cut 2 holes in the box 1 for your cord and one just to let the air vent out of the box because it would be hot.
    Hope i helped!! Have a afternoon.

  12. Actually that helps a bunch, two questions though. House the fan inside a wood box I have constructed is what you were saying correct? And line it with sound foam, do you know where I could get cheap sound foam?

    Checked on them today, everything is looking nice. Getting a little twisting in the lower leaves of the SLH but i dont think its anything to be worried about, Bubblegummer looks about the same still very lush and green. And the Widow looks to be the same, yellow cotyledons but they have slowed on the that quite a bit and I believe it has held onto the last bit of green it has on it.

    I went out today and got buckets as well, I also got some pretty cool caribbeaner to hold my HPS up when I switch rooms. I'm still waiting for the timer it took a few days to ship so it wont be here til Tuesday probably. On a good note, I went out and bought the Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green it was highly rated 500+ pages full color photos and VERY informative. This will keep me on my toes be very educating, I will use it as a handbook and will probably read it cover to cover 3 times over the next month, haha. I could have sworn the hydroponics store would be open today, but with my luck it was not. I have to go get soil tommorow or Tuesday.... When should I transplant my seedlings? They look similar in size to the photos already posted maybe a little bigger. I will post more pics later. And should i be transplanting these right into 5 gallon buckets? I plan on LST'ing them a bunch and I heard they should go into their appropriate final containers when doing so.

    I bought my Mom mums today, it felt nice doing so for no reason. They look really nice, unfortunately I think I may have slightly snapped a branch it wasnt completely broken but snapped a little. I know marijuana would recover but I hope the little mums pull through!
  13. Yeah man dont sweat breaking your branches its really not that big of deal as everyone deems it to be. Mary Jane will recover very very quickly on its own as long as sufficent light and water are provided for the plant. My THEORY and care to plants is you get back what you put in. I baby my plants i play classical music i maicure them daily. Good care ends with good buds :)

    But on to the Greg Green book, that is a life savor!!! Ive successfully read it about 10 times. Its amazing i refer to that book more then i will talk to any body about anything first. And if somthing in there doesnt work then i refer to a friend.

    Twisting of the leaves on SLH is caused some times but not enough light and its a deformity but not really anything to be concerned with the plant will stretch and grow lushious 5 leaf fans and you will be fine.

    And as far as transplanting them into 5 gallon buckets that would be a good idea depending on how far you plan to veg them. Someone recently mentioned the 1 ft rule to me and its when you do a gallon per foot. so if your plant is 5 feet then 5 gallon bucket. thats it for now i g2g ill talk to u soon.
  14. Thanks haha, maybe i will throw it under the hps for a few hours. And you really do baby those plants haha, thats pretty sweet i bet they appreciate every second of it. I have done the same before besides checking on them five times a day and seeing if they need any assistance, I will tell them how beautiful of a smoke they will be and how proud I am and not to be afraid because they are going to live up to good use and their fruits will be greatly appreciated. Seriously sometimes the next day after i would do just that they would look super frosty and milky colored it was fantastic.

    I figured the 5 gallon would be perfectly suitable because I have seen people grow in huge tubs on the forums like 30 gallons+. Obviously the plants had extreme LST I want a nice little canopy going so I can use up all the light towards the top because the tent is a little big. I could SCROG and i was thinking about doing so.

    Ill probably initiate flowering at about a foot tall but the canopy should be similar in diameter to the bucket which probably about a 1foot diameter... I dont know, and im sitting here typing this so I cant go check haha. Its just a regular home depot paint bucket, I know a bunch of people use them for grows the reg 5 gallon. I'm going to charge the drill for a minute to put some holes in these buckets. Thanks for the help again IamJ i'll talk to you soon enjoy your night. :hello:
  15. Hey again man, sorry i have not been able to get back to you yet. Today is another busy day just wanted to let you know i didnt forget about you. Something i would suggest other then the regular painters 5 gallon buckets is get a new pot for smart pot. They are essentially re replicating the outdoors or soil it lets the roots BREATHE which is a keyyy component in growing.

    And as far as the screen of green i have a similar technique that i use. super cropping during veg makes this very very easy if you super crop the right way you can bush your plant out so it creates more tops and nodes.
    And doing it this way allows me to bend and more the plant as i want. I have created a sea of green without the screen :) i dont need some plastic to allow me to do that.

    Now the only thing i may warn you about super cropping is to allow them to grow for another 1 1/2 to 3 weeks. which is a pain in the ass. but its worth it in the end.
    My plants receive no low stress training either They get super cropped and if they break i tape it with electrical tape and then they come back and have new shoots in a day or 2.

    Keep me posted id love to know what your going to do. But for now, its off to the school for phycology 261!!
  16. Actually that helps a bunch, two questions though. House the fan inside a wood box I have constructed is what you were saying correct? And line it with sound foam, do you know where I could get cheap sound foam?

    You said that above.

    I have no idea where u can get sound foam. Not really sure your going to need it from my understanding the box itself will mute the vibraitions and sounds. If your looking for a cheap way.. Throw cotton in there and stuff it. ORRRR go to jo ann fabrics and find this green shit that they sell for seats up in the fabric section cut it up and im sure it will fit snuggly inside of it. also remember to screw the inline fan down if it has feet.

    hope i helped man have a great day!
  17. Yes that helps, I will start constructing the box soon. I got some more pics for todays update, these were taken last night. Do you know why the SLH's leaves are yellowing slightly anybody?

    And should I definitely be making my transplant soon? I need more opinions.. I want to put them into five gallon buckets so i can start my LST, I have other options if I should move up bit by bit but i have heard 2 things. LST should be done in final size bucket and all the transplanting only calls for unnecessary stress.


    Need to bring up humidity, leaves are curling and its 45%. I got a humidifier but the guy forgot a piece so now I have to drive back 20 mins but its a good deal because its a cool mist humidifier and its originally $80

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  18. is the SLH the 7th picture? if so basicly whats happening is its out growing its old growth and will self prune itself. by turning them yellow and killing that part of the plant off so it can focus more on growing topular. Go straight into the 5 gallons. Dont transplant into something in the middle. just F it lol. I know nothing of LST bsides the fact that you bend the branches and maybe tie them down. You SLH once again is fine no need to sweat it.

    And also just make sure you have room for the 5 gallons. I hate letting my plants touch because this will turn them into a sort of box plant and they will grow to the space thats accolated and it will turn into "who can reach the light faster" race. GL man ill talk to you again soon. Im about to water.. 2 1/2 gallons a peice of water per 10 gallon per 2 days :p peace!
  19. I dont think the SLH was the 7th maybe an earlier picture but they are yellowing up a bit now so im not sure what to think about it. Getting my new soil today so hope I dont have to worry anymore. Hopefully its like you said just growing out of old growth. Im going to transplant straight into these 5 gallons and get the grow on the road. I wont have space for the closet anymore I need to move them under the HPS I think and I'm a little worried I would rather keep them under the flourescents for now. And LST is pretty much branch bending its a good thing to look into you can get huge plants with more than one cola and huge yields.

    I dont like when plants touch either i try to give them breathing space and stuff haha. I left a long message on here yesterday but computer was fucking up so i didnt get to say as much as I would have liked in this post. Good shit with the plants consuming so much water thats a beautiful sign right there. thanks for the good luck wishes and i wish the same to you.
  20. I think its too dry in my tent, i transplanted 2 of my babies there. The SLH is curling up a little bit and the leaves are very soft on the other. The temp is only 81 and the light has plenty of distance but the humidity is like 38%

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