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  1. keep thinking about reverting to islam. hoping to join the religion because it seems to be the truth
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    I hope this is a troll

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  3. alrighty o! Seems to be a misconception, don't let fear run your life my friend. open your third eye and learn to love and see us as all one. Fuck it, I'm tired of being polite to hate and fear
  4. How does it seem to be "the truth"? What evidence do you have?
  5. what's to stop it from being the truth according to you?
  6. The fact that there is no evidence that it is the truth.
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  7. again what would evidence be for you?
    I believe that there is one God and that Islam has the strongest religion for a centered life.
  8. Why would God need his truth written down in a book that people can alter? The truth is available to all, within us, not specially selected people and books.
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  9. Lol @ "open your third eye and it will lead to Abrahamic religion"
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  10. At the end of the day which diety as according to their accomplishments should we follow? Christ alone was servant and master. And even if you don't believe on the promise of his sacrifice his teachings are all that matters.
  11. I was raised as a muslim and id advise you stay the hell away from tht theological nightmare
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  12. at least I don't belittle someone's beliefs with political propaganda then edit it out. at least stand by your hate. nothing wrong with following a religion if clutter has been cleared away. I still like new age concepts, and feel that aspects of islam could be incorporated with practice.
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  13. Sorry bro, I thought you were a troll. Besides we live in America it's the land of mass media brainwashing. We are taught to hate Islam at an early age, no joke. I remember kids making bad jokes about it on countless occasions. Also please don't hide this fact that Islam has its dark secrets. I don't want to pull up quotes from the Quran, they scare me.

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  14. Also, do you believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy. Please don't be offended, I want to know your honest opinion.

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  15. why do people feel that calcium and fluoride influence their third eye is the better question? whats this new bandwagon of wannabe "spiritual people" who make ridiculous excuses for their ignorance? water and calcium are not going to help with a spiritual issue, but some people think that materialism solves their dissonance from their true selves
  16. either way, I feel that Buddhism is the clearest religion as it has little to do with relying on others and does not necessarily speak of an afterlife. it is focused on clearing the mind and focusing on the now. however, it does not speak of God directly (one of the questions the Buddha refused to answer), and having some of the experiences I have had, I feel that there is a God. So maybe something between the two.

  17. Not sure what you mean? I think I may have had a Jack Nicholson laughing gif attached to my original message but it wouldn't show so I took it out.

    No hate required to feel 3rd eye opening = Abrahamic religion is ridiculous. I know it's the go to word these days ;)
  18. Gotta love hate
  19. no the go to word is empath these. days. ridiculous word
  20. at least see us all as one and that some people can better their lives following a religion if the intent is good and the person following has the intent on incorporating these beliefs in a non-ultra orthodox way
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