Islam, Redux

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Zylark, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. With islam, extremism that leads to overt terror is not the only problem.

    Ruy Diaz says it best:

  2. make no mistake, Zylark, you are DEHUMANIZING Muslims on a macro level. You are generalizing an entire group of people.

    You are objectifying the Islam religion. And I won\'t stand for it, buddy.

    I reported the thread, and I hope it gets closed.

    If you can\'t see that you are wrong, then you are blind, my friend. And you are a bigot. Plain and simple.

    I\'m not going to debate you on a scientific level because you are bright enough to figure out for yourself that your claims have no basis in rationality:mad:.
  3. I think your taking this too personally, chronictoker.

    Let me start off by saying I don\'t support Zylark\'s conclusions, he can vouch for that, this is one of the topics we both feel very differently about.

    Although some of comments have been rather accusatory in the past, I feel that Zylark brings up some very important issues, and above all else; in an objective and respectful way. He backs up his claims with a logically consistent rational.

    I think we all are experiencing some bias, myself included on the topic.

    Assaulting the thread by reporting it and hoping it gets closed seems like an all-too-convenient way to avoid the discussion. I myself considered it, because of how the last thread went, but Zylark seems to be conducting himself very professionally.

    When I see some of the points Zylark brings up, I can\'t help but internally compare it to the Christian history during the middle ages and the renaissance and even into modern times.

    Christianity certainly preaches violence in some aspects, similarly to Islam. For some reason though, the vast majority of Christian follows have reached a point in the development of their religion where these passages are ignored (for the most part) and even revised to conform to civilized humanistic lifestyles.

    Although, I have not brought this up, because I personally cannot identify the reasons for this transition. I cannot make a singificant comparison between Islam and Christianity in that regard, but I\'m certainly no theologian.

    Perhaps Islam need to develop further -- either way, Zylark\'s points are still valid. I still fail to see how anything can be done that wouldn\'t violate basic human rights of the followers of Islam

    I\'m still very undecided on the subject, and am without a conclusion.
  4. This thread is under review and for good reason from the parts I\'ve seen thus far. Please do not make another thread such as this one while it is being reviewed.

    *I read the entire thread. There\'s a fine line on this one. On one hand, it\'s perfectly fine to discuss the extremism. It\'s an issue. On the other hand, we have members of the City who are Muslims. The intolerance for the whole isn\'t welcome here. It can\'t be.

    Had this thread been specifically about the extremism then I would have definitely reopened it. It doesn\'t seem to be about that, though.
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