Islam is the worst religion out there

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by scary bubble jr, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. prove me wrong.
  2. What's with these antagnoizing threads recently? Islam is being used in a worse way than any other religion in today's world, yes. However, there is no "good" or "bad" religion.
  3. The Islamic religion is worse compared to what??

    Isn't religion all the same bullshit, anyways??

    Your comparing piles of shit to even more piles of shit. Shit is shit, and it's all the same shit.

    So there you go, I proved you wrong.

    The Islamic religion may be, in your opinion, the diarrhea of religions. But what's worse?? Shit with corn bits and balloons, or a big melty pile of steaming diarrhea??

    It's all opinion. I personally think balloony, corny shit is worse.
  4. Well i'm Muslim and I take offense to how you're bashing my religion for no particular reason. Prove to me that Islam is the worst religion and IL prove you wrong.
  5. Sure is....its tied with every other religion in existance. What could possibly make one better than another?
  6. But how is it the worst religion in the world? I'm waiting for an answer from scary bubble jr.
  7. You joined THIS month

    So because all religions are wrong that means they are equal in their badness?

    I don't think so

    Sharia law, mistreatment of gays, women and others of different religions, it breeds more fanaticism than any other religion
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    Islam is the worst? :bolt:

    "Sharia law, mistreatment of gays, women and others of different religions, it breeds more fanaticism than any other religion"

    You must be more ignorant than all those people Michael Jackson was talking about.

    Not all people who practice Islam follow the rules to the T. Just like Christianity. There are plenty of Christians who hate gay people. They certainly don't appreciate other religions.

    There are extremists to every religion, as well as moderates who are pretty bad too. Then there are those who don't interfere with others for their religion.
  9. Perhaps worst isn't the most accurate word.

    Corupt, misguided?
  10. Corrupt and misguided work, but for every religion, not just Islam.

  11. Sharia law IMO is a Radical Muslim thing. Christianity treats gays equally right? Fred Phelps and his crusaders never mistreated gays right? Back then basically every religion and society mistreated women. We learned from our mistakes and moved on. Except for radicals. Every religion has mistreated others of different religions. May I bring up the case of Hitler vs The Jewish people.

    It breeds fanaticism because of American Foreign policy. Let me explain, American Foreign policy has funded small radical groups and ousted popularly elected governments in trade for Radical dictators since after WW2. 9/11 was caused by Blowback from all that. Then America invades Iraq and Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda's best recruitment tool is America's intervention in their countries. Without that there would be no radicals out to get America. Yes there are fanatics. There are Christian fanatics. Look at the Church in the 1400's and such. Look at Israel. There did I make my point?
  12. Yeah, but this is just the extreme of Islam. The extreme of Christianity is just as bad. They hate gays, are sexist, and downright hate other religions too.
  13. I'm not even Muslim and I'm offended. Not because he's calling Islam the worst religion, but because he didn't give any reasons why in his initial post... just demanding to be proved wrong.

  14. Exactly, there's no reason to go on making these claims that Islam is the worst religion. Every religion has it's flaws. The thing with Islam today is that you have to look into the reason why there is radicals.

  15. I never said religions were "wrong" or "bad." That is mentioned nowhere in my previous reply.

    I meant that, in my opinion, all religions are a go-nowhere practice. Going nowhere doesn't have to imply something bad - unless going nowhere is bad in your opinion.

    Like I said, it's all opinion. Notice how I'm emphasizing opinion??

    You're kinda acting like a "my opinion is the only real opinion and nothing else matters" kinda guy. Just because you say so, doesn't make it true.
    Islamic religion is bad in your opinion, and it ends right there.

  16. You're absolutely right. If someone is to make an argument. At least make a point.
  17. [ame=""]YouTube - Religion![/ame]
  18. Of cource it's radical, but it exists in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Soudi Arabia and so on. Sharia is the sacred law of Islam.

    Can you not see the difference between a few nutjobs holding up a sign to state execution of gay people?


    Back when? I'm talking about today.

    huh? What does hitler have to do with this?

    So it's America's fault?

    I love it when people bring up points from 600 years in the past. Completly irrelivent as Christianity has at least gone through a few revolutions and reformations.

    Would you care to show me an example of a radical Christian government?
  19. Uh? The United States of America???
  20. You make a point there, present day I think we could say that Islam is the most oppressive religion.
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