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  1. I'm not totally ignorant on this subject. The islamic empire employed marijuana for a great many medical purposes but I'm curious about modern Islam. Are most modern Muslims allowed to smoke weed?
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  2. ^ That a joke? :)
  3. ^ That a helpful answer?
  4. not sure to tell you the truth what the official stance on the topic is.. but I have given a muslim dude I know that is from United Arab Emirates herb before, and he takes his religion pretty seriously..
  5. Cannabis is khamr and therefore forbidden. It's on par with alcohol - a muslim who consumes them would be considered to be a heretic.

    There is a cultural history of cannabis use in Islamic society, but as I understand it, it is now unanimously forbidden.

  6. Yes :)
  7. AIUI weed, along with alcohol, is forbidden in Islam, but if you look on the ground in the real world with real Muslims, it's anybody's guess how seriously they'll take it.
  8. I'm from Pakistan, and I'm a non practicing Muslim. In Pakistan they sell lots of hash and weed, but it is still technically against the religion. That being said, smoking a joint in Pakistan is FAR more socially acceptable than having a beer. That's more a cultural thing than a religious thing. If you ask a religious scholar, they will say both are terrible, but the average Muslim seems to be more anti alcohol than anti weed.
  9. good post, and yeah that's the feeling I got from the Muslim I mentioned that I have given herb to before

    edit:: cept I always got the feeling from him that he was trying a lil too hard to become a "American kid" and was losing his identity a bit.. just a lil afterthought
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  10. No and the answer to question is yes, they are allowed.
  11. I mean its not against the religion, it only states if it "alters the state of your mind" like if you're blind drunk or tripping way too hard on shrooms. Or if you experience a violent rampage after meth use.
  12. Y
  13. may be yes.
  14. Hash production and usage is widespread in Morocco which is a mainly Muslim country,although perhaps not as hardcore Muslim a country as others in the area.

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  15. I seriously doubt it. As with all religions practiced in the world today, they all require the convert to do enough work or deeds to earn their way to "paradise" whatever form that may be. The ONLY faith that doesn't require the convert to do enough things to get to God, but instead God has already done everything necessary and he offers salvation to the lost for free. All he asks is that one believes that he lived, died and rose from the dead. Islam is in existence because of the impatience of Abraham and Sarah to have a child and they got tired of waiting on God to give them a child and decided that Abraham should father a child with the handmaid. This was done and the first child (Ishmael) received the blessing (God told Abraham that he would make him the father of many nations and that his seed would spread all over the world) that had been intended for Issac, the actual offspring of Abraham and his wife Sarah. God held true to his promise and he blessed Ishmael greatly. From Ishmael comes Islam. From Issac comes Christianity. Though Ishmael got the great blessing as promised by God, his descendants have been in constant war and upheaval since the beginning of their existence. Islam is not a faith but instead a cult that is not based on the truth. But the rise of the caliphate we've seen in the last couple of years or so was prophesied by prophets long before Jesus birth. If you want a really good story, buy yourself a Bible with a more up to date translation. There are lots of good ones out there that are very readable, unlike the old Bibles that were around when I was growing up. Don't get me wrong, they're wonderful too. But they have much more readable translations available today for the person who might not enjoy reading the style of writing used for the King James Version, etc.

    Accepting Jesus Christ into my heart and giving my life to him was the greatest accomplishment of my life. Because of my accepting him and his spirit living within me, I have total peace in my heart and hope for a forever future. It's not a fairly tale. It's real and if you ever actually truly meet Jesus, you'll wonder why you never did it sooner. In a world where every single second is uncertain and conditions keep deteriorating around the world at a scary pace, I don't worry because I know that whatever happens, when I leave this earth there is a better place waiting for me and it's better than anything I could ever imagine. I like peace and I'm going to hang with Jesus. A religion that demands your conversion or "off with the head," is not serving a God that I want to know. I have the awesome and never-ending love of the Father to guide me through one step at a time.

    Though there are many many more Muslims who practice Islam who are not violent and seem to blend in seamlessly with citizens in our country. their instruction book (the Quran) is filled from beginning to end with hatred and violence and these kids are taught this stuff from the day they're born...which is why it is very difficult for Muslims to assimilate into the American culture. Of course, dear President Obama has made darn sure he's infiltrated the government with them heavily over 8 years. Our only hope at this point is that we can elect a president who isn't the status quo and turn our nation back in the direction is was meant to go.

    The Bible is a documented book of history documented by several other sources and writings of the time. Jesus did exist and walk on this earth and I fully believe he performed every miracle the Bible says and had a love like no other man has ever known. When you die and leave this earth, there are two options...heaven or hell. Once your life is over, it's too late to do anything about it. Get yourself a Bible, some honest and true instruction in the truth and take care of your soul. Forever is a long time and hell is HOT!! Blessings!

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    Religious indoctrination is the MOST vile form of social conditioning ever to plague mankind.

    Buy... Bull...

    Bible. It doesn't matter which doctrinal form it comes in...
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  17. thats like asking if murder is technically forbidden in your book, if not, then what?
  18. Nothing is acceptable in Islam. Not even Islam. Because chances are you are practicing it incorrectly, and are therefore distorting it. And the punishment for distorting the Koran is death.

    Seriously, what an awful, awful religion.
  19. All Muslims I know are totaaally chill with it

    Maybe its just the circles I hang out it though

    Really Islam is just anti alcohol. Its ridiculous because what they really meant is stuff that is intoxicating. Back then cannabis was not as intoxicating as it can be now.

    I know of one kid who is practically addicted to heroin, he does everything under the sun but NO alcohol because 'Mohammad forbade it' like... Wut
    At least he won't die of a fatty liver

    He'll die a dignified death of a homeless junkie

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