Is Zionism a shameful thing now?

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  1. By its basic defination short of whatever political spins and agendas may be attached to it by many, I am a Zionist

    I feel thats looked at as a terrible thing today, every news source i go to has nothing but horribly biased anti israeli news and its so bad the only place to get anything other then that is jewish sources that have been driven to such a defensive state they are equally as biased

    There is no truth for us to read see or hear on the matter

    I do not understand why there is such opposition to the idea of a peoples' right to exist, not just amoung arabs and muslems, but here in the west as well now

    it concerns me, how easy we forget

    just bringing the subject to the mind of grasscity
  2. Israel is not demonized
    it's the other way around buddy
  3. yeah..

    not anti jew by any means, but i don't see where they are demonized in the media.
    maybe i'm not picking up on it.. but i just don't see that at all..

    especially with everything being so politically correct these days.. anyone bashes any group on TV and they have to apologize to someone and usually lose their job

  4. Every Zionist I've met (admittedly, I've only met two) seemed to exhibit the behavior that every people have a right to exist, but the Jewish people have a little more right to exist.

    What I don't get is why does the Jewish nation have any more right to establish a state than say, the Palestinians.

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  6. Definatley subscribing to this one.
  7. In this day and age, the practice of any religion is shameful. Technologically, we have advanced to the point of reaching the stars, but humans are brought up to cherish values and myths based on ancient, often very destructive, superstitions as their guide to living.
  8. There is a very good reason for what you are seeing regarding Israel.

    The Jews have more enemies around the globe than any other group on Earth and many of those enemies are ZIONISTS!!!


    Now you guys know that this is all Bible territory right? :D

    Listen carefully.....

    [ame=]YouTube - DECEPTION (The Fed, Jews & 3 World Wars- Part 59)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - DECEPTION (Are The Jews To Blame?- PART 60)[/ame]

    and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Rev 2:9
  9. I am not a blind person and i know for a fact the state of Israel has done some fucked up things on their part but i have always felt it justified, how easy it would be for us to condem them while we have ferinds and allies at our bordes, could we imagine having our nation surrounded by those who hate us and want us dead? id think drastic measures would need to be taken to keep themselves safe

    and while here in america our politicians claim to do much in the name of 'our safty'while it is complete bullshit in most respects, it is very much needed there, their draft system and there peoples willingness to be called to duty is testiment to that

    and on that note that has always been somthing i strongly respected them for

    is their flaw in this thought?
  10. I think the quote, "history is written by the victors" applies well to this topic. The media won't demonize the nation of Israel because they won and we helped them win. Should Zionists be blamed? Hell no, if your an American and bitch about the Jews pushing out Palestinians. Look into American history and you'll see we did the same thing to the Natives.
  11. "...we did the same thing to the Natives."

    We didn't do anything, some guys a few hundred years ago did. No blood on my hands (nor anyone else still in existence) :p

    Anyways, I don't hold anything at all "holy" and I sure as shit don't believe any of man's gods, so I can't understand the whole battle over a patch of dirt. If all my neighbors wanted me dead I'd prob just move... nevermind the whole idea of everyone living w each other in peace, another thing I can't understand. I guess that's what happens when you believe these "words of God" about killing each other over whose god is right. I don't think there will ever be peace over there until there are no more people over there...
  12. Yea right. We can barely get out of low earth orbit and in a few months that will be a thing of the past as well.
    Reaching for the the stars? LOL
  13. obviously he didnt mean literally. good job missing the point of his post lol.
  14. Nobody has a problem with Jews living in Israel, it's that Jews want exclusive control over Israel and the surrounding regions. The worst parts about the situation is the expanding settlements, disproportionate retaliation for rocket attacks and the collective punishment of Palestinians.

    As a Jew I do not support the idea of a Jewish state. I'm not sure what purpose "Political autonomy" serves other than to pigeon-hole an entire religion into one ubernationalist identity.

    As an American I couldn't fathom living in a state where we screened immigrants based on their ethnicity.
  15. Of course you didn't kill off any natives, or ever held any slaves for that matter.
    But your country, and everything around you was built on those actions and you do profit from that on a daily basis. I'm not saying you're to blame or you should feel guilty for that but your generation does have to make sure that this is remembered and taught accurately in schools so that we can (hopefully) one day eradicate imperialism.
  16. Sure he did. But since he watches way too much TV and actually thinks there is a viable space program, someone needed to bitch slap him into reality.
  17. It doesn't matter if he meant it literally or not.
    The fact is that we've only explored such a tiny, miniscule fraction of space, that either proving or disproving the existance of God or any other kind of creator is currently WAY out of our reach.
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    They want exclusive control of Israel yes, the surrounding areas no, Israel was attacked and in retaliation took the enemys lands, fair spoils of war in my opinion, and they offer it back freely with the simple request that the arab nation reconizes their right to exist,
    egypt made peace with israel and the sanai and suez's canal was returned to them, its sad that it took an authoritarian leader to keep the masses from very foolishly and zealously going to war against israel where on every occacion it has cost them the lives of countless arab sons. and again they walk the path towards the third intifada

    and i do not by that 'disproportionate retailiation' arguement ,if you punch a karate master in the face you cannot blaim him for disproportionate retaliation when he breaks your nose and drives your face into the dirt

    and did america have a uber nationalist additude during the cold war? and as germany did after the treaty of versailles? that sense of nationism is almost always in response to somthing, surounded by a peoples where it is less then uncommon amoung the extreem to strape bombs onto children and send them to your temples would do the trick

    and was that last comment a joke? please google Ellis Island

  19. It's more than their right to exist, it's their exclusive ownership of holy land... and the surrounding areas. "In retaliation" doesn't justify the theft of innocent people's land. Remember the collective punishment part of my post? Guilt by association is fail.

    Again you ignore collective punishment. Only a minority of Palestinians launch attacks on Israel, and a handful of Israelis are injured.

    Then Israel retaliates by dropping white phosphorous all over civilian neighborhoods with no regard for life and thousands die. It's disgusting, they are supposed to be better than that.

    Living in hostile territory for so long has turned zionists into crazies.

    "Less than uncommon among the extreme"? Lol. :rolleyes:

    Collectivism kills.

    You're right, Israel is comparable to 19th century America.

    (14th amendment ended racial discrimination in immigration).
  20. White phosphorus is a bitch.
    Israel is in the wrong for using chemical weapons on civilians, and there's no way around that.

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