Is Your Plant Flowering Early? Vid On What To Look For Inside.

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  1. Here is a vid I made of my flowering PK reveging. You will notice some of the single leafs and even double leafs. This is sure sign of reveging back. Also keep in mind that I have other plants reveging back but showing no single leafs. 
    \nanyway not is all lost. If this PK does what I think it's going to do it may be well worth it. Well not worth it but it could be a bushy girl. Watch the vid to see what I am talking about. It's crazy.

  2. shitty man, Washington I'm assuming?
    Good vid tho, would like to see update videos about recovery as it progresses.
  3. Oregon
  4. ahh worse haha, jk, best of luck man keep us posted.
  5. Thinking about topping it halfway up the plant. Let that ball on the bottom branch out. This plant could be waste of time as well. IDK.
  6. U could always let it be your guinea pig and try something rando with it. lol
  7. Happening to everyone here on the oregon coast. I gave 7 of my nicest plants to a card holder with a bud room open. Thinking it was the nice month we had early followed by a month of rain and clouds. I kept five that weren't as deep into bud and they are getting bushy as hell
  8. I only lost 1 and I bet im 5 miles from u. Put her out may 8th. Raspberry kush. The others that went out earlier were fine same,with the 3 othrt kush that went out the same day. Shes in my flower room now but I guess I got lucky I didnt get hit as hard as the rest of oregon

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  9. Well shit. The five I kept are kinda like frozen in time. All the babies are starting to pass them in size. I can't decide if I wanna ax the bitches ands replace them or sit around and let all this time go by.some of the guys I know are fucked. They veg inside and put out five foot bushes to get big yields.  
  10. Ax them. I pulled two yesterday and replaced with some nice teens.
  11. same crap is going on around here in the northern cali area. got really excited when weather was darn hot for march and april. we went and got clones. kept 'em under a light. got excited again and put 'em in the ground outside very end of april. i know, iknow way to early. but had just reach 14 hours daylight hours and were having record breaking temps. also they needed to go out becaues they were getting pretty good sized.       anyways had 8 in dirt. 4 start preflowering a month after going into the earth. been watching them all. we have two garden sights 2 at 1 sight 2 at other site preflowered.  ive watch the two at the higher elevation sight go from looking like she was gonna do her thing to totally backing off and reveg, but now the 2 next to her that were not preflowering went straight to flowering and dumping resin/thrics all over the flowers and sugar leafs. and two at our lower grow have just cotinued to bud, all the plants have been continuing to grow bigger and bushier.  also just put 4 more preteens in the ground , and they are doing well. anyways at least no matter what the f@#$ is going on with this crazy weather they all seem to be thriving. 
    just gonna have to ride it out and see what happens,Eh?
  12. Nice vid.
    I have a Skywalker clone that started flowering  early because I had it on 14.25 hours. Just started to harden it off when I noticed it.
  13. I yanked one and then felt like shit about about it .  I am gonna let the others go awhile longer.  Ive spent a lot of time on them and now have three left out of the original dozen.  I might just do all seed next year, they are impressing the he'll out of me.  

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