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Is your girlfriend/wife different when she's stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Messiah Decoy, May 15, 2011.

  1. #1 Messiah Decoy, May 15, 2011
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    My girls is a doe eyed black girl who's like a playful kitten and a motherly psychologist when she's sober and she's the same way high except she's more like a geisha. :wave:

    How does cannabis effect your lady?
  2. She laughs more than usual, but thats about it. Smiles more too. I like it:D
  3. My ex was a crazy bitch sober, chill and relaxed when stoned.
  4. For some reason she's always in the kitchen as she should be.
  5. She's usually ready to cook when im ready to eat. Love it.:smoke:
  6. it's too weird when girls are bitches sober but nice high
  7. Yeah. She's not such a bitch.
  8. My wife is fantastic both sober and high. I guess I'm lucky.
  9. no, i only have one girlfriend. no need to get a new one just because shes stoned
  10. she was on the period and super stoned today and always gets touchy know where this is goin. now that i think about it :(
  11. My girlfriend is usually all giggly and happy when she's sober.
    Depending on what I have and get her high with, her reactions could be different.
    First time, she just wanted to have sex. Second time, she panicked for like 10 minutes, then wanted to have sex. Third time... we had sex... well shit...
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    That doesn't sound to bad haha
  13. My boyfriend said I'm incredibly hilarious when i'm stoned.
  14. My girlfriend gets very "suggestive" when she's under the influence.
  15. mine just gets more she does what she usually does...sits on the tv while i go out and earn the $...

    im gonna start callin that broad peggy bundy.

  16. Thats great! hope you both can also laugh at yourselves & laugh together & happy.

    Some feel like you're laughing at them & not with them though. Even when stoned.

    Her: "What are you laughing about?":mad:
    Me: (non verbal) "DAAAAAAAAAM!" (red Flag):eek::confused:

    random Phone call.............

    Me: Hello?

    Her: Hi......hey I just stopped to put gas in the car but I have a small can of refill butane in the back seat. Is it okay to put gas in the tank still?

    Me: (trying not to laugh)
    "HUH?..............Oh sure thing babe problem. You go right ahead. its completely safe.
    Well talk to you soon!"

    Her: Okay thanks ...bye!"

    Me: (after hanging up phone)" ROFLMAO!!! .....I'm beginning to love that girl"

    She didn't like to be laughed "with" though. She took it as laughing "at" her instead & It made her mad as hell.

    It catches up though cause ya just can't hold it in forever.
    So I did what it took :wave: to make sure she's literally a completely different girl...........when she's stoned:smoke:
  17. I feel for you man.
  18. yo you just gotta put your pimp hand down brah
  19. I don't date women that do drugs. But the one girl I dated that smoked looked way more butter-faced when stoned. And she was absurdly more slutty and all up on everyone.

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