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Is your dealer female or male?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by k3s, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Personally I am interested to know. It seems like it it mainly dominated by males, with a few females thrown into the mix. My dealers a female, she is pretty chill.
  2. Males all the way across so far. I only know like....4 girls who regularly smoke really (as in they buy weed themselves) so having a dealing chick would be kinda strange for me haha. But it'd be sweet, I'm a sexy mother fucker, I'd go down on her for dub sack son! :D
  3. Ha, i ahd a dealer who was chick. She was hella fin, shed actually send me pics an shit but she moved before i got to put anything down ;)
    On teh other hand, My main dealer now has a GF who is HELLA fine! She always weighs my sacks when hes gone and for some reason she always over weighs by like .4 of a gram.
  4. I had a chick dealer for a couple months and i would say i would prefer her over 75% of all the male dealers i've encountered. She was really chill and knew what she was talking about when it came to weed, which is more than i can say for a lot of other male tokers i've been around.
  5. I've never had a female dealer, just an occasional hookup. She'd sell me a dime or an eighth of whatever she was smoking herself. :smoke:
  6. My Green dealer is a dude, My Codeine dealer is a female.
  7. I had a fat old lady as a dealer when I was 13, she always ripped me off hella though, like she'd weigh out .8 and sell it to me for 30$ as an 8th:mad:

    That was when I had just started buying though, now I get my weed from an old hippie guy from the 70's, always has pretty good weed
  8. shes a she. we are real real similar.
  9. If i had a girl dealer id call her up for a qp of dro and rob her ass. Easy money i know most of you would too
  10. I have 4 main dealers, 3 of them are my friends from high school(guys), and the last one is some old hippy lady, and luckily they all have chronic 90% of the time.

  11. ye but that would lead to much worse consequences considering girl dealers usually are pretty damn connected
  12. im actually between dealers right now

    my current (last) dealer got his phone cut off and now i cant call him lol
  13. My dealer is a robot.
  14. Eh around here im more well connected then any girl i know who smokes by far, 99.7% Of girls here mooch and buy reggie dubs last time i checked thats not connected. But if their straight and dont try and skimp or shit i probally wouldnt rob em, I knew one girl dealer and she served my boy a 12 gram dro half o for 190, so we caughta lick on her
  15. always had a male dealer all my life, but i have seen the odd female dealer, not very common tho
  16. i have 1 guy dealer and 1 girl dealer
  17. I have never met any female dealers? :confused:

    I think they might just be urban legends... :D;)
  18. my main connect id female,but my alternate is a dude
  19. All my bud connects are guys but my connect for anything else is a chick.

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