is worldwide marijuana seeds a legit site to order from

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  1. ive never ordered seeds before is a good site to order from i live in the USA too.
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  2. DUDE COME ONE!? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Here: NIRVANA and ATTITUDE. End of story....
  3. or they have proven them selfs to me ,
  4. You have only 5 posts and art least 3 of them are about that website...... So fu-kin lame........You work for them did not you ?
    Original poster do not trust anybody with such small amount of post, those douchebags are lurking you in.... Trust someone who has at least several hundred posts...
  5. I've heard some good reviews, I've followed some grows using seeds from them, they're legit, and the seeds seem to be good. I'm trying to figure out just how discrete their packaging is before I place an order myself.
  6. Thanks man.
  7. The Single Seed Centre is legit, I've received two orders from them. Both took just under two weeks to arrive in the States and were packaged well enough. They have guaranteed shipping as an option too.
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  8. I just got my seeds, they all look good, and stealth shipping was employed. I wasn't terribly pleased with the stealth shipping, after ordering from, this method just doesn't seem that stealthy. If the stealth container had been removed from the envelope it would have been at least halfway apparent that it did not contain what it was supposed to contain.
  9. Yea they're legit

    I got 6 individual seeds but only 2 sprouted!

    They didn't seek very fresh or well kept.

    What do you expect when they're are broken up from the original package.

    They prolly just sit there on a dry shelf until someone orders that particular seed
  10. I don't think you can hold the seed bank responsible for that, I believe that they probably take proper precautions as far as freshness and handling. The thing is, some strains are just harder to germinate than others. Seeds have evolved to last for long periods of time under somewhat extreme conditions, so freshness isn't such a huge factor. I'd speculate that your package was mishandled in transit. It's poor business practice to send out broken seeds, so I would suspect that there is an inspection process before the seeds leave the storage facility. Of course, this is all conjecture, until we can actually inspect their facility, we don't know.
  11. Very good point

    Ur right!
  12. Seeds weren't broken...

    Jus wouldn't sprout and instead rotted

    Point is...the more direct the source, I feel, is more reliable than a "warehouse seed co" or distribution center
  13. And you're almost certainly right there. I just didn't want this thread to become too negative before we... sorry, I'm really stoned, can I just stop here? I can't remember what I was going to say.
  14. Me too! Haha


    Aloha BraddaH
  15. recently ordered from single seeds. everything smooth so far. based in Britain which i think is better for US people because if i was a customs officer amsterdam would remind me of one thing. but still, cant catch all of them.
  16. i also ordered ministry seeds 1 mo ago those havent showed up. goin on 5 weeks. dont like that
  17. Get everything from the Attitude Seed Bank. They have seeds from everywhere in Europe, and they're super reliable. They're amazing for cross-continental shipping..
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  18. thats what i hear. remember never discuss packaging on here. never talk about fight club.
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    how is the packing from this site?
  20. Yes!!

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