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Is white widow really the strongest strain?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by khearts, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Ive been looking at alot of seed sites and it always says the worlds strongest or best, or most expensive. is it really true?
    I dont hear that much praise on the sites though? you guys go on about strains much more?

    And if it is the strongest, wouldnt it put you on your ass because its an indica?
  2. I believe White Widow has 20-21% THC, as compared to 18-19 in most other strains. I think the strongest right now is White Russian, a cross of White Widow and AK-47. It has 22% THC.
  3. all about how you grow it
  4. there are many strains that put WW out in the water.

    Ice from BC

    don't feel like thinking but theres a couple.
  5. Alaskan Thunderfuck

    or as I like to call it, Salin Palins daughter HEY!!!......:D
  6. Doesn't matter if you don't grow it right. Any strain will be bomb if it's grown well.
  7. if you look for white russian seeds you will read that its THC content was tested along with 150 others and it came out on top with 22% THC and is likely the highest known currently. But think if a new grower grew white russian and an OG grew another highly potent strain I bet it wouldn't be the white russian that came out on top. Anyway higher THC % doesn't necesarily make it a more exotic high. Given the choice between a bag of whit russian and nevills haze I would go with the haze.
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    you gotta take in account the CBD and CBN too not just the THC content
  9. QFT

    I have seen seeds advertised at up to 22% THC (some probably even say they have more) but there is no way to guarantee that potency once it's grown, there are too many variables.
  10. widow is some of the headiest green you can hope for. if done right it will be white, and sparkle because of the thc on it.
  11. ive only smoked widow a couple of times but its been the highest ive ever been i remember wen i was like 14 and i smoked this shit for the first time everything was all wavy and i felt like i was sitting in water good shit man
  12. White widow has long lost the title of THC champion, there are now many strains that contain 25-30 % THC levels, but CBD's and CBN's are not even tested so actual strength is still a guess...Plus there are new strains in development every day so who knows whats really the most potent strain??????
  13. I don't have any sources to back this up, but as far as strains go in Southern California to be specific, "Planetary Kushes" commonly available in medical dispensaries like Jupiter Kush, Skywalker Kush, Mars Kush, Neptune Kush etc (from word of mouth they are crossed strains from original the OG/Chem Dawg, related to Sour Diesel) are a few that blow White Widow out of the water. Probably a few years ago white widow was on top, not anymore tho
  14. Dude how blitzed are you?
  15. yea WW aint been on top for a while.
    Sour D has been taking the CC a couple times I think
  16. He didn't say 'wtf' he said 'qft' which translates to "quoted for the fucking truth"
  17. oh shit damn my bad disregard that post.
    damn i need to learn theses things
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    i honestly believe that really really really good grown jack herer can put some white widow to shame
  19. How blitzed are YOU? His statement was correct. If you know what you are doing then any strain has the potential to be some awesome bud.

  20. I think PENNLAX thought he meant that it would be the best strain, since this is the best strain thread:smoking:

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