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is white rino sativa or indica?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sgarc3, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. ive completely stopped smoking indica strains because i literally ALWAYS fall asleep when smoking it so is it indica or sativa? thanks in advanced :smoke:
  2. Hybrid. Google for sativa/indica %s.
  3. already tried that keep on coming up with different answers
  4. your not gonna find a plant thats 100% indica, or 100% sativa. its always gonna be a hybrid, ones just gonna be more dominant.
  5. thats what im trying to find out dont mind if its 50/50 i just want it to be equal or sativa dominant
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    No one ever means 100%, always means how much dominant, which is what he is wondering...

    Your right online is giving mixed answers. It definitely isn't 50/50 or + though as its White Widow (hybrid) crossed with an Indica.

    Plus keep in mind the strain names you get are most likely bullshit. Just tell your dealer you like good sativa dominants if that's what you want it for.
  7. are you kidding? thats what he was asking? harness the power of the internet.

    white rhino
    Indica 90 / Sativa 10
    Origins - Afghan x Brazilian / South Indian
    Flowering - 63 days
    Harvest - Early October
  8. it is definitely an indica dominant hybrid. effects will be dependent on the quality of your bud obviously, but i find that i dont get very sleepy at all compared to most kushes, at the cost of the intense head rushes of really dank kush. i also find myself less hungry
  9. Pretty sure I've had this before and it knocked me down. Indica dominant, as stated above.
  10. It also depends on what variant of White Rhino it is. Many different strains have many different cuts.

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