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Is weed worth this stress?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OvrShot, Nov 22, 2010.

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    I have to vent.

    My brother and I don't get along at all. My younger brother Alex likes to get me in trouble for smoking weed. He actively tries to find some way to bust me 'in the act'. The stupid thing is that he also smokes weed! He just tries to get me in trouble for it so our parents don't suspect he smokes.

    In fact, all the weed he smokes some how comes from me since I'm friends with his 'dealer'.

    Today while I was sleeping he created a back-up file of my iphone and loaded it onto his phone. This in turn gave him a exact copy of my phone, and he was reading everything about my illegal activity. All day Alex taunted me by saying:

    "I got something you don't want mom to see"
    "I caught you little boy" (Stupid since I'm his OLDER brother)

    Well dinner rolled along and he couldn't resist and told me what he had. When I learned he had my phone on his own phone I flipped out. I went to his room and stole his phone deleted my pictures/texts. During this process he called the cops, because he didn't want me to see whats on HIS phone. That really pissed me off, somehow he feels that he can look at MY PHONE but when I look at his phone he goes nuts.

    He tried to break down a door to get his phone, his yelling and screaming brought tears to my grandparents. He almost gave our grandfather a heart attack, and for what? His stupid phone and pictures of my phone?

    I hate this fucking family. If I could afford to leave away from home and go to school I would!

    What would you do in this situation, GC?
  2. Just turned 18, and finishing high school. I don't have the income to go to school full time and live away from home.
  3. Sounds like the kid needs a smacking or two. This is why putting the belt to your kids should be tolerated when they are young.
  4. First off try smoking with your brother. Weed actually made my brother and I a hell of a lot closer and we have a better relationship today than we've ever had before. If that doesn't really stop your brother from fucking with you talk to your grandparent's (assuming you're living with them) and let them know that you actively partake in toking the reefer, that it's something you enjoy and that you plan on continue doing it.
  5. damn man that shits crazy...
    what happened with the cops? him trying to catch you on purpose just for he doesnt get caught doesnt even make sense... explain that to him... ask him how he would feel... if he acts like a need to 1. stop getting your bro weed and 2. Kick his ass...seriously kick his ass, or just do it multiple times... seriously.
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    Options: Whoop his ass. Go to your parents/grandparents (not sure whom you live with from your post) and tell them he smokes. Tell him you'll do last option unless he backs off. Start blazing with him and make him an ally rather than an enemy. Tell your friend/his dealer to cut him off. Get embarrassing photos of him and threaten to show all his friends unless he backs off (think shower or him jerking off; I'm sure you can get creative). Get someone who is really good with technology to hack his phone and get all his info for blackmail (it's possible, trust me; don't fuck with someone who is good with technology). (EDIT) Almost forgot, best option MOVE OUT. No one will fuck with you if you have your own place. And if they do you can kick them out.

    Whatever you do, him calling the cops on you is pretty fucked up. If anyone calls the cops on me, they get an ass whooping. Somethings are worth going to jail over.
  7. #8 OvrShot, Nov 22, 2010
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    I don't live with my grandparents, and I'm going to tell my parents I smoke when they get back from mexico. They know I smoke already (not officially) so this hopefully wont be to much of a surprise. I'm sick of this bullshit, so im going to tell my parents this:

    "Mom and Dad, I smoke weed. If you are against cannabis I will stop using it while I live under your roof. When I move out I will most likely continue my use of cannabis because I enjoy it. "


    Thanks for all the input guys! The cops did nothing but he told them I was talking about drugs on my phone. They didn't ask for anything so I'm sure they just dropped that. The cops did however give him back his phone.
  8. gIVE YOUR bROThER A sparta kick. :hello:

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  9. you pretty much have 3 options.

    1. smoke with him (might make you guys closer)
    2. kick his ass
    3. tell him if he snitches on you, you'll snitch on him.
  10. tell on your bro for smoking.... if he's doing it to you, oh also, kick his ass does the trick for me
  11. While your brother is in REM sleep....
  12. Wow your brother sounds like a fucking jackass. You said you were older than him... why don't you kick his fucking ass and fuck his shit up. That's what i would do. I don't let any of my siblings get away with stupid shit. Especially my twin sister.
  13. show your dominance and beat his ass. its what i did with my little brother when he was younger and now were cool as fuck and he knows that im still his older brother and that im still in charge :smoke:
  14. i love how almost every response is kick his ass... so do it!!!
  15. punch him in his face. and tell him to fuck off. and just blaze.
    if your high you shouldnt care what your family thinks. youll be stoned. only thing that matters is more weed. goodluck.
  16. smack him in the face yo, my aunt was a fucking dick to me all the time so one day I punched her shit. she was still a fucking dick, but not nearly as much so that's my advice:rolleyes:
  17. well i guess no more weed for your little bro(tuff shit),and if i was you,i would just make weed jokes every 5 minutes around your parents so your parents just think your little bro is lying if he says your smoking weed :D
  18. im an olny child, but I never undestood why kids put up with their younger siblings bullshit. My friends lil bro is the biggest faggot ever. Just beat some sense into the little d bagga. God gave you fists for a reason, use em bru

  19. amen.

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