Is weed meant to be smoked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superweener, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I personally feel it is. :smoking:
  2. It wouldn't taste so damn good if it wasn't.
  3. Ummmm, are you high? Haha. Obviously it was meant to be smoked, why else would it alter our state of mind? Just because?
  4. Well, our brain produces it's own cannabinoids, so some people say that weed is not meant to consume. And yes, blackberry og is taking it's toll :smoking:
  5. I dont think anything was meant to be smoked...

    Its supposed to be eaten!
  6. But what would that have to do with anything? The Cannabinoids our brain produces are produced for completely different reasons.
  7. if weed was meant to be smoked then we would be just so far ahead you know? like for example is that man that was asking you that was that high then that was there. Weed is meant to be not is it what? MIND FUCK.
  8. I think weed is meant for human consumption, but I dont think its meant to be smoked. It just happens to be the most convenient way to consume it.
  9. I dont think anything is meant to be smoked. I think weed was meant to be used as many different things
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    I think it was made to be eaten. Like in edibles, but who knows. smoking is quicker anyways :D
  11. go eat a bud, it will taste like shit. at least i think so :p throw it in a bowl and inhale, taste amazing :p
  12. Got fried with my buddy, decided to try and make some edibles, specifically soup.

    So we make ourselves a pot of mushroom soup.... with ground up stems.
    Nastiest shit ever. Don't know why we even tried it, we didn't even have enough stems to get a high anyways. :laughing:

  13. lolwut
    Edibles, bro.
  14. Weed isn't meant to be smoked or eaten, it's only real meaning is to grow and procreate, like all other living organisms.

    That said, it doesn't really matter what it was meant for.
  15. WAIT YOU GUYS SMOKE YOUR WEED. I've been injecting for the past 3 months now

  16. :laughing::laughing:I would rep you for this if I didn't rep you like 6 minutes ago. :D :
  17. Everything is meant to be used in the...

  18. 2 words. Weed enema.
  19. Yes...............Yes it is man :smoking:

  20. raw bud taste like shit tho. go eat one and tell me what ya think;)

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